Home Economy Cleansed from Brussels, ETA takes off in the summer?

Cleansed from Brussels, ETA takes off in the summer?

Cleansed from Brussels, ETA takes off in the summer?

Alitalia: Light comes from Brussels To find a solution for the former national airline as quickly as possible.

Today’s talks between Draghi’s governmentRepresented by Minister of Economy Daniel Franco and Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and Transport Enrico Giovanini with President European Union competition Margaret Westager was positive.

Discussion on The future of Alitalia Consequently, the liquidity shortage has entered a decisive stage, as summarized in the meeting with European authorities.

The CEO’s goal is to obtain Newko Eta In the summer, when hopefully the flow of travel will resume. over there Alitalia crisis Towards a solution?

Alitalia: A window opens from the European Union, what does that mean?

The Italian government and the European Commission decided “Working together constructively to find practical solutions in the Alitalia file”. How?

In fact, Brussels’ requests regarding the file are always the same and are summarized in the concept: Break with Alitalia. The commission has always called for a fundamental overhaul of the airline, which has suffered losses for years.

The parties agreed to start technical talks next week to assess potential solutions in detail to ensure that “A new transportation company was born as soon as possible according to procedures of national and European law.”

Now, Draghi has a solid reputation in Brussels, given his previous role as head of the European Central Bank. But this does not guarantee success, given that the European Union Commission is not convinced that the current Italian proposal could provide a better result than previous projects.

Draghi’s ETA plan

The executive, remember, suggested a passageAviation assets Directly to newco, without a call for bidding, in order to speed up the summer take-off process.

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The remaining subsidiaries, maintenance and handling, will be bid for competitive procedures in which Ita also participates in a consortium with other companies, to obtain a minority stake.

Rumors speak of Leonardo and Post in the feud as interest groups.

Foreign partners are always ready for Alitalia

Despite the difficulties Alitalia faces, Italy remains one of the most profitable aviation markets in Europe.

For this reason, the method of engaging foreign actors such as Delta Air Lines, Which can become ETA’s trading partner.

Before the pandemic, too German Lufthansa She had said she was interested in investing in Alitalia, on the condition that the Italian government restructured the company first to cut costs.

German airline chief executive Karsten Spur indicated Thursday that he was interested in a business partnership, even under the terms of Lufthansa’s 9 billion euro bailout that prevents major acquisitions.

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