Home World Civilians were killed by the Colombian army and considered combatants

Civilians were killed by the Colombian army and considered combatants

Civilians were killed by the Colombian army and considered combatants

On February 18, the Colombia Special Court for Peace (Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz, JEP), a court set up to investigate and sentence crimes committed during the country’s civil war, issued establish That between 2002 and 2008 the Colombian Army At least 6,402 civilians were killed Consider them left-wing fighters: In this way, it can provide good results in the fight against armed gangs.

It is the so-called “false positive scandal” that first appeared in 2008, when it was discovered that 19 boys from the municipality of Soacha e Ciudad Bolivar had been found dead in camouflage uniforms, usually worn by combatants. It turns out that the military deceived civilians with promises of action and then killed them, then presented them as combatants killed in an armed conflict. The number of false positives rebuilt by the AK is three times higher than that produced by an investigation by the Colombian Attorney General, which reported 2,249 people.

JEP has vetted and has an enormous amount of information, certifications, and official and non-governmental sources Graves were also exhumed Mass graves, such as the one discovered in February 2020 at Dabiba Cemetery, in northeast Colombia, where the bodies of about fifty civilians killed by the military were buried. The court ruled that the killings did begin in the 1980s but were concentrated, in 78 percent of the cases, between 2002 and 2008. Since that year they have become scarce and the most recent evidence dates back to 2014. The JEP estimates that about 1,500 military personnel are involved.

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Most of the killings took place during the term of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, which lasted from 2002 to 2010. Uribe remains a prominent figure in Colombian politics and is considered a mentor to the current head of state, Ivan Duque; He commented on the new assessment, accusing the Justice and Development Party of “bias” and a desire to “discredit it.”

Uribe and his party, Democratic Center, argue that the purpose of the jurisdiction is to punish the army and ensure impunity for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the Marxist paramilitary group that for 50 years has been the party’s main enemy. Government in the civil war. But in its first sentence, which arrived last month, the AKP accused eight former FARC members of war crimes and crimes against humanity, with their kidnapping and ransom demands to fund the rebels.

Meanwhile, Uribe is on trial and resigned from his position as a senator after the Colombian Supreme Court in August 2020. He had imposed house arrestShe accused him of alleged fraud and influencing witnesses to the crimes of the Colombian Civil War. The story begins in 2012, when left-wing Senator Ivan Cepeda accused Uribe of being involved in opaque deals with right-wing paramilitaries. In 2018, the Supreme Court found Cepeda’s claims legitimate and concluded that people close to President Uribe had indeed influenced some of the witnesses.

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The JEP was founded in 2016 after the peace agreement between the Colombian state and FARC, which ended the civil war that began in 1964 and which led to the transformation of the armed movement into a party, Called Comunes. It is the first war crimes court established by state parties through a peace agreement. It is inspired by the principle of restorative justice and the belief that the most important goal is to seek the full truth to allow the country to move forward. To encourage confessions and testimonies, he often uses alternative prison sentences, such as the task of clearing anti-personnel mines, building monuments and infrastructure, and providing redress for victims.

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