City Plug by A2A: The revolution starts with Brescia

    City Plug by A2A: The revolution starts with Brescia

    Debuting in Brescia, the first Italian City Plug is the brainchild of A2A to cover the most important “gray area” of electric mobility: the still unexplored middle area between public and private charging. Perhaps not today, but certainly long before the fateful date of 2035, when electric vehicles in circulation will approach a million units, it will not be possible to do without them.

    City Plug of A2A, CEO of Mazzoncini: “Only electric cars in the family, including modified vintage 500” – video interview

    With the opening in Brescia the day of its premiere City Plug Station at Via BovesIn fact, A2A «intends to support the development of private electric mobility in urban contexts thanks to a solution that responds to the specific needs of residents and is also accessible to citizens without a private parking space». In short, it is first served Slow charging hub, especially at night, targeting residents who do not have a garage or private parking space to install the charging box to recharge their electric vehicle. The importance of this event is evident in the presence of the CEO at the opening ceremony in full force. Renato Mazuncini To the CEO of A2A E-Mobility Fabrio Bressi. The Giugiaro Architettura boss was also present Fabrizio GiugiaroAdviser for mobility policies in the municipality of Brescia Federico Manzoni.

    There Was A Low Cost Slow Charging Hub Missing…

    The City Plug charging center in Brescia featured six poles, five of which provide 100% certified “green” electricity at 7.4 kW of power, also accessible to cars
    electrician with small batteries And Plug-in hybrids. All managed by a single power plant that divides the available loads: if they are all occupied, we come to just over 1.2 kW. Two have reserved booths, and the others are free. the design The column is the result of a Internal competition among A2A employeesthen revised and developed by Giugiaro Architecture. The new poles also assure the user of a low cost recharge service.

    City Plug by A2A: an idea to bring it all over Italy

    In Lombard’s multi-utility plans, the City Plug model will be expanded to other cities served by A2A. In perspective a the entire national territoryWhere the company plans to expand. In every metropolitan area, there should be more than one recharging hub, to allow electric vehicle owners to recharge at night Maximum distance of 5 minutes from the house. Already the agreement with the municipality of Brescia It includes two more on the way Renato Serra And in via Turin.

    Thanks to the balancing system of the various ports, which are controlled by a specific program, they allow this Power load handling To maintain network stability. At the same time maximizing the number of cars connected to one device.

    «With these infrastructures, A2A offers an absolute novelty in electric mobility: a more widespread and affordable service model for everyone, sustainable for the city and for those who decide to drive electriche declares Renato Mazuncini. «For the e-mobility sector, A2A’s strategic plan provides for investments of more than 280 million euros by 2030».

    different times / The old Fiat 500 of A2A CEO Renato Mazonscini and Giugiaro’s Kangaroo, both electric (the first “modernized”).

    Fabrizio Giugiaro: “Nice, low-impact poles”

    Fabrizio Giugiaro comments: “Striving to promote sustainability is part of our intent in every sector in which we operate. Thus, we are honored to have made our stylistic contribution to this project, which It combines form and function As in the best traditions of our design. The design path developed with A2A focused on rendering The columns are aesthetically pleasing and have minimal impact in the urban context. With the aim of creating a creative and immediate being recognizable by all users».

    With its innovative structure and small size guarantee a
    Minimum footprintharmoniously fit withstreet furniture.

    Access to the City Plug poles will be enabled through the A2A e-Mobility App, RFID card and with those of interoperable top-up service providers. Looking into the future, withdrawals could be combined with local supply contracts. Today, A2A customers enjoy top-up plans on favorable terms Install 1000 columns low energy a Milan and about 22,000 nationwide.

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