Citroen launches the new My Ami Buggy concept ready for adventure

    Citroen launches the new My Ami Buggy concept ready for adventure

    The Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept is the new concept inspired by non-automated universes such as construction toys, industrial design or fashion. As House defines it, it is a free and full of character illustration of something that was conceived to experience leisure time in a new way.

    It is an expression of a vehicle designed for adventure, with an open, colorful and muscular style, yet striving to remain extremely simple and functional. This Ami was designed by Citroën with all those looking for something strong, electric, easy to use and incredibly personal. Leisure, ideal for weekend getaways, holidays by the sea or in the middle of nature, You will gain users on practicality. A model that moves, thanks to its electric motor, without noise and without emissions, providing the pleasure of electric driving and the absence of doors, to travel completely immersed in the environment and flooded with light thanks to its panoramic roof.

    My Ami Buggy’s exterior style

    The character of the concept is certainly adventurer, shaded front and rear by its revolutionary bars, hubcaps, headlight grilles, fenders and tires, with a chevron at the center. On the sides, enlarged and reworked wheel arches and tubular guards at the base of the doors add to the silhouette further. muscular. At the top, roof rails with a spare wheel enhance the adventurous spirit.

    Adds LED light strip at the front of the ceiling a touch of “adventure” When driving at night or in fog. When the car is parked, everything is ready for the atmosphere of “fire” caused by the light diffused from this tape and the sound of the playlist transmitted by the portable speaker. The doors are not there and have been replaced with transparent waterproof panels that can be used in case of bad weather. Above the windshield there is a protruding canopy, attached to the roof, to provide protection from bad weather. The new Ami concept features large zigzag wheels and glowing matte gold rims.

    Citroen My Ami Buggy Travel & Adventure

    Ami Buggy’s new adventure travel concept

    Unique colors and materials

    My Ami Buggy concept consists of Three colors in total: black, khaki, yellow. Inspired by camping gear, the black color enhances the functional and robust character of the vehicle. The different shades of black perfectly match the colors of khaki and citric yellow, and give the car an adventurous look, rich in fine detail. The two-tone body gives the concept an attractive and dynamic look: anodized khaki at the front and black mottled at the back, a game of symmetry that also aims to clearly distinguish between front and rear.

    Personalization and details of the Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept

    Other technical details liven up the whole thing. Stripes and stickers that reflect the chevron theme, a distinctive Citroën element, repeated, with the same graphics, on different exterior and interior elements to create a rhythm evoking the traction grille, the center console of the 19_19 concept car, the lower front part of the Ami One concept and the design of the Ami stowage compartments. On the My Ami Buggy Concept it can be seen from the outside on the axle covers, on the edges, on the roof, on the side protection elements, on the light bar struts, on the lower part of the bumper and on the rear of the mirrors; From the inside on the accessory struts, on the glove boxes and on the dashboard.

    Stylish, functional and comfortable interior design

    In the interior of the car, seats, storage compartments and luggage were the subject of Meticulous design work. My Ami Buggy Concept introduces the new Advanced Comfort seat padding, with 70mm thick foam (35mm more compared to those on the Ami, low cost electricity). Make use of memory foam pillows light and soft. It is easily extracted from the shell, it is interchangeable and washable. Storage compartments are practical and portable. Each has its own function in the cockpit, but it can be carried outside for a walk or a picnic. The one on the dashboard, which was already on My Ami, was Redesigned Specifically for the buggy concept.

    created Defined line of baggage And each element perfectly adapts to the interior of the car. A small zippered cosmetic bag that attaches with a magnet in the center of the steering wheel and can also be worn around the waist thanks to its loop. A duffel bag with a foldable closure is placed under the dashboard, in the stowage compartment that can accommodate the cabin cart. Ami, the small electric car. It is fixed at the base by a tubular structure to prevent it from moving. A storage compartment is also integrated into the doors at seat height. It can hold different kinds of things or a large removable bag. The charging cable is located inside the passenger door opening compartment by means of a handle-shaped support that makes it easy to hold and use.

    Citroen Ami transforms into a stroller

    Citroen Ami, the small electric, turns into a buggy

    New accessories for My Ami Buggy Concept: functional as well as ‘chic’

    My Ami Buggy Concept accessories aren’t just an exercise in style, they’re designed to have real function. Designers have imagined the functional things that are made Practical and fun trips. The design of the internal parts facilitates movements on the plane, so the use of the objects is very easy.

    Exterior mirrors can be adjusted using the ball joint integrated into the fixture and placed in the slots provided in the door pillars. They are also removable. The cup holder or bottle holder can be found on the dashboard and on the bracket that replaces the hook for the My Ami bag. The smartphone clip developed for the My Ami is located to the right of the driver’s seat, and in the My Ami Buggy Concept it becomes a cylindrical brace that integrates a locking ring at the right end of the object to hold the phone in place. The cylindrical bracket can be engraved with the name and surname of the owner, one Personalization Which satisfies some customers very much, no doubt.

    Each of these accessories was the subject of original design Because it has the peculiarity of being 3D printed and therefore can be reproduced on demand. My Ami Buggy Concept is above all an invitation to have fun and satisfy your desire for freedom, free time and non-conformity. A project full of elegance, illustrating one of the many aspects that can take on Ami, the unique mobility object developed by Citroën, ready to explore new territories.

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