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    Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian entertainment group, will be bringing their show Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities to London’s famous Royal Albert Hall to celebrate its 141st anniversary as the stage for live performances. In this steampunk adventure that challenges the principles of time and space itself, you will have the opportunity to explore a wonderful planet. It will be from January 12, 2023 to February 12, 2023 at the Royal Albert Hall. Tickets can be found over here.

    The story behind Korios: Cabinet

    What if there was an infinite universe beyond the reach of our consciousness?

    The Victorian Era and the 16th Century Industrial Revolution are sources of inspiration for Curiosities: the Cabinet of Curiosities video game. The story revolves around an 18th century inventor who called him “The Researcher.” He is responsible for creating a mechanical cabinet of curiosity that defies the constraints of time and the physical world. Suddenly, anything seems possible.

    Talented and curious characters from other dimensions gradually enter his temporary world and begin to turn it upside down. It’s a poetic and fun story about how opening your mind to curiosity can lead to great ideas and how those ideas materialize when you trust your imagination.

    Circus art and street entertainment fall within the purview of the Cirque du Soleil. It is the largest producer of modern circus in the world, and its shows combine daring acts, stunning sets, phenomenal theater and in-depth storytelling.

    In 1979 professional firefighter Jay Laibert held a summer fair and fellow producer Giles Stee Croix ran 56 miles on stilts as part of the event. This was the first time the public had a taste of Cirque du Soleil, although the company did not officially appear until 1984. Grant monies were made available to Lalibert, Ste-Croix and their fellow organizer Daniel Gauthier over the years and a level of public interest increased.

    On June 16, 1950, their first show, Le Grand Tour du Cirque du Soleil, which was a production focused on Jacques Cartier’s discovery of Canada, opened. Since that time, Cirque du Soleil has expanded so much that it now offers its shows to more than 180 million people across six continents. These shows are performed in more than 441 cities.

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