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    Australia: Barriera Corallina, è di nuovo boom riproduttivo - Oceania

    (ANSA) – SYDNEY, June 17 – The Australian tourist town of Coffs Harbor, on the north coast of New South Wales, will have an important film studio thanks to its most famous resident, Russell Crowe.

    The actor revealed his project to the media yesterday: creating a new film studio for smaller projects, in response to the arrival of producers from all over the world in a country considered one of the safest from Covid-19.

    Crowe said the facility will be located near the Pacific Bay resort, where families of actors can also stay, and will complement those in Sydney and the Gold Coast. “After many years, I’ve been thinking about how to combine where I live with my work,” he added.

    While the Fox Studios in Sydney and the Gold Coast Village Studios on the Gold Coast are expected to continue to attract high-budget films, the Crowe complex will host smaller scale projects, both Australian and international. The facility will consist of four sound stages, post-production facilities, an animation studio, a film school, and docks for filming scenes on the water.

    Major movie stars including Nicole Kidman and Tom Hanks have arrived in Australia for new productions. Julia Roberts and George Clooney filming “Ticket to Heaven” in Northern Australia. Fox Studios in Sydney is soon booked out for Marvel Movies, while George Miller recently announced plans to shoot Mad Max prequel ‘Furiosa’ in the arid outback of Sydney next year. (handle).

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