Home entertainment Christmas movie competition, plot, cast, cast, epilogue, filming location, location

Christmas movie competition, plot, cast, cast, epilogue, filming location, location

In gara per Natale film Rai 2

The rivalry to take over a commercial store generates love between the contenders.

Rai 2 Today he proposes a movie called Compete for Christmas. It is a sentimental movie with a romantic and Christmas setting.

production from United States of AmericaThe year of completion is 2020 and the duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The visibility is open to a viewing audience.

Compete for Christmas movie actors

In competition for Christmas movie – trend, heroes, where it is filmed

direction is Poly Draper. main heroes Amelia Lewis e Vic Manning Interpreted straight by Vanessa Lachey e Ryan Mc Bartlin. Also in the cast Poly Draper in turn Rowena Marson.

Filmed in United States of America, especially in different locations of Nevada.

production from Hasret Movies In cooperation with Lifetime TV e Nine network Australia.

The original title is Once upon a main street.

In competition for the Christmas movie where it was filmed

The Christmas Rivalry – The plot of the film aired on Rai 2

The plot as heroes Amelia e in you who are in great disagreement with each other. With different personalities, a mutual animosity arose between them which made the first meeting unpleasant.

Amelia e in you They always seem to be competing with each other. They are competing to buy a commercial property in white oak in a Nevada. They both want to open the shop which is their dream. Amelia Want to manage a store birthday During the whole year, in you Instead, he aims to open a chocolate shop.

Thus, they both begin to communicate real estate agent Who manages the sale by the owner of the place.

Amelia e in you, even if separately, they have the same idea of ​​discovering the identity of the owner and making a personal offer to him directly without going through the middleman.

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Final spoiler

The two of them arrived at the elderly place owner without warning and at about the same time. However, the owner does not want to sell the shop right away.

Putting their rivalries aside, the two managed to avoid helping Sheikh Dubois, the old owner, to rediscover the spirit of Christmas. Meanwhile, a deeper feeling arises between them.

The competition for the final Christmas movie

Christmas Contest – Full Cast

Below is the film crew Compete for Christmas And the characters played by the actors

  • Vanessa Lachey: Amelia Lewis
  • Ryan Mc Bartlin: Vic Manning
  • Poly Draper: Rowena Marson
  • Scott Emphasis: Billy Wu
  • Moni Fishburne: Chandra
  • Sarah Sanderson: Big White
  • Alex Ruiz: Alejandro Hernandez
  • Jennifer Somerfield: fi
  • Dan Lorge: hotel manager
  • Noel Urbano: Linda
  • Kirk the gardener: Mr. Woodward
  • Patrick Duffy: Sheikh Dubois

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