Chip, the UK’s largest manufacturer, ended up in the hands of the Chinese

    Chip, the UK's largest manufacturer, ended up in the hands of the Chinese

    Newport Wafer FabThe largest chip maker in the world United kingdom (located in Wales), It ended up in the hands of the Chinese, specifically in the hands of NexperiaIt is a Dutch company controlled by the Chinese Wing Tech. According to what was leaked, the value of the operation is expected to be 87 million dollars. Nexperia is a customer of the factory and already became a second shareholder in 2019.

    Newport website Complements Nexperia’s other European manufacturing operations in Manchester and Hamburg, which has seen significant investments recently”, as follows Press release. Achim Kembe, Chief Operating Officer, Nexperia commented: “We are very excited to include Newport as part of our global manufacturing expansion. Nexperia has The ambitious growth plans and the addition of Newport support the growing global demand for semiconductors. The Newport facility has a highly skilled operations team that has a critical role to play in ensuring continuity of operations. We look forward to building a future together.”

    We’re certainly not talking about a fact competing for high-tech production like TSMC, Samsung or Intel, but since 1982 this site – then called INMOS – has been producing a wide range of semiconductors from MOSFETs to CMOS, access to sensors, analog and more much. Nexperia indicates Producing more than 35,000 chips with a capacity of 200mm per monthAnd on the NWF website we talk about process manufacturing 180 to 700 nm With the aim of reaching 44,000 wafers per month.

    Tom Tugendhat, head of the UK government’s China Research Group and chair of the foreign affairs select committee, said he was concerned about the potential takeover of the NWF in a letter to British Affairs Minister Kwasi Kwarting, in June.

    “I must stress once again that the vision of a leading UK 200mm semiconductor manufacturing and development facility acquired by a Chinese company – in my opinion – represents A major concern for economic and national securityTugendhat Books.

    “This is the largest advanced semiconductor manufacturer in England sold to the Chinese and The British government does nothingAn anonymous source told CNBC.

    For its part, the government responded through its spokesperson that it was “aware of the planned acquisition by Nyxperia of Newport Wafer Fab. Although we do not believe it is appropriate to intervene at the present time, We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will not hesitate to use our powers Under the Corporation Law if the situation changes.”

    It should be noted that unlike the British government, In Italy the Draghi government Last April I used a file “golden power” for every Prevent acquisition of 70% of LPE spa, Lombard Corporation operating in the semiconductor sector, by the Chinese group Shenzhen Investnent. The Italian government considered it of strategic importance at a time when semiconductors looked like the new oil.

    Founded in Milan in the 1960s, LPE also has an office in Catania and a department in Shanghai. It also operates in the United States, Japan, India, South Korea, and the Czech Republic Supraaxial reactors used to achieve semiconductors.

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