Chiellini MLS Champion, Los Angeles FC Philadelphia Union 6-3 DCR

    Chiellini MLS Champion, Los Angeles FC Philadelphia Union 6-3 DCR

    From Europe to the United States. Giorgio Chiellini also beat The Other Side of the World, winning the Mls . title On his first try. He did so at the end of the final – all off the bench for the ex-Juventus captain, but he’s a star in 13 overall matches this season – which is incredible for the amount of emotion and twists. Together with him a great victory Also for another former continental soccer star, Gareth Balealso decisive this time with the end goal after entering a game in progress (as in the times Blancos) which presents the challenge of sanctions. And so the Los Angeles Fc team won for the first time in its history, writing an unforgettable page for its fans.

    Final story

    On the one hand, there is exactly Los Angeles FC, the Western Conference winner, in front of the Philadelphia League winning the conference on the Eastern side to reach the final. A skewed free kick from Acosta gave California the advantage in the first half, but in the second, a header from Gazdag balanced the score. Another header, this time from Murillo, reverses the situation in the 83rd minute, but just two minutes later – again by air – Elliott gives his side 2-2 and extends the match into overtime. It is precisely the end of overtime that stirs emotions one after another: defensive chaos in Los Angeles leads the goalkeeper to a desperate exit out of the area and forced to make a mistake: the goalkeeper, Crebo, tackles a red card and also an injury that deserves an extra 9 minutes of recovery. On day three, winning Elliott — a central defensive author for the duo — appears to finally deliver the trophy to Philadelphia, but At 128′ Bale heads to find an unexpected 3-3 at 10, driving more than 20,000 people in Bank of California insanity. Then we arrive in the penalty shootout lottery and here is goalkeeper McCarthy who has entered the place of the expelled Crepeau: after a high penalty kick, he also nullifies the second and third parts for the guests, while Sanchez changes his shot from the point and decides the success of LA Football Club. The Californians are champions, Chiellini and Bell are adding another piece to their trophy collection.

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