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Chestnuts in the air fryer in two versions

Castagne friggitrice aria
Air chestnut fryer

The Chestnuts in a deep fryer air It’s easy to make and just as good as the traditional one roasted chestnut.

Autumn is synonymous with spicy, fragrant and steamy chestnuts. Perfect for eating on cool, rainy evenings while watching TV, chestnuts can be cooked in many ways.

I have already tried boiling it, cooking it in a frying pan and even in the oven. Today we want to reveal two ways to cook chestnuts in an air fryer. We also recommend a recipe for Banana chips In the air fryer and the gods Crispy chickpeas Always in an air fryer.

Ingredients for roasted chestnuts in an air fryer

– chestnut

1st Edition: Chestnut soaked in water

Put chestnuts in it soaking for about forty minutesIn order to make the skin smoother.

Flatten and dry them well, then using a sharp knife, make an ax incision on the skin from the rounded side. This will allow the heat to escape and prevent it from exploding during cooking!

Heat the air fryer to 180 degrees.

When it is hot, put the chestnuts in the basket without overlapping them Cook for 15 minutesShake the basket several times while cooking.

When cooked, wrap it in a clean, dry kitchen towel.

Consume it right away, being careful not to burn yourself!

Version 2: Chestnuts in an air fryer without soaking

This second method is very fast and differs from the previous method in that it does not require soaking.

Let’s see how to proceed.

Rinse the chestnuts under running water and dry them carefully.

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As usual, make an ax incision on the rounded part of each chestnut.

Arrange them in the air fryer basket, making sure they don’t overlap.

Cook at 180 degrees for 15/20 minutesRemember to shake the basket while cooking.

Wrap them in a dry cloth to keep them warm.


Cooking times may vary depending on the model of fryer you are using and the size of the chestnuts.

Taste one to make sure it’s cooked to the right point!

If you don’t eat them right away, we recommend that you peel them while they are still hot and store them in a food bag. Consume it within two days.

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