Checking accounts, compulsory withdrawals for everyone: it will be a blow to the desperate Italians who rob you of your savings

    Checking accounts, compulsory withdrawals for everyone: it will be a blow to the desperate Italians who rob you of your savings
    Savings will go up soon due to real compulsory withdrawal (web) –

    There are still many citizens in Italy who entrust their savings to the bank and their many checking accounts.

    This does happen though calamity economy that we are witnessing in this period. There is a lot of money, according to the Bank of Italy, in current accounts and many of them exceed €100,000. And this is one of the first problems on. In fact, the banks both of them accounts With more than 100,000 € and for accounts with an average balance of more than 50,000 € taxes Different.

    Of course they are taxes greater than in accounts where there is less money. But you should know that if the average stock has already exceeded 5,000 euros, we are facing it tax collection finest. If you add the different withdrawals for Compensate for I made the decision He increases faced by citizens, it should be noted that i savings It will get rarer.

    this is me accounts The currents will disappear drain. As if that wasn’t enough, it smells fresh Forced withdrawal. Or rather, it really is It is happening. And all Burning to Because they see themselves savings Of age to completely go up in smoke. Remember the compulsory collection of 1992 by decreeThe rush?

    the government Since then it has been led by Giuliano lovableOn a July night of that year, Withdraw By force of all checking accounts, the 6% of the funds contained therein. And all this to calm down Debts from his mom. Something similar is happening these days. Let’s see together what it is and how you can stand up for yourself.

    New forced withdrawals from accounts: a hit you can avoid.

    He is It is happening king like In the 1992. They checked Forecasting Some analysts and some users already see it results outrageous from this economic trend. In practice, we all know that theeconomic inflation It’s skyrocketing. And precisely because of that, me savings In current accounts they are slowly going down the drain.

    The advice is to invest your savings (web) –

    that it Forced withdrawal in spite of no There is one standard to implement. In practice, the rate economic inflation higher rates interest practice it banks. Thus, the savings are gradually decreasing. But there is a solution to this very dangerous situation. We have to invest And in a varied way.

    Indeed, ours Advise is to invest in it Government bonds which does not take into account inflation trends. Or rather, that They increase their rates interest with the increase of the latter. also Deposit accounts It is an excellent alternative to traditional checking accounts. Of course, it is also recommended to avoid it invest All the capital. You have to live every month.

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