Check in Fiumicino? Directly at the station (also from Bologna, Florence and Naples) –

     Check in Fiumicino?  Directly at the station (also from Bologna, Florence and Naples) -

    Let’s imagine that you can leave your luggage at the station. Let’s imagine doing this in central Naples or Bologna while on a transcontinental plane to pick up from Rome Fiumicino Airport. Then imagine picking it up at JFK Airport in New York. Let’s imagine that we can do this a few months from now once the technical baggage sorts are in place. To take care, but also rely on investments in the railway network by RFI, it will also be possible to avoid passing through the Roma Termini node by going directly by train to Fiumicino Airport which will be reinforced with two additional entrance lanes at the airport entrance.

    It’s called intermodality between train and plane but we think Also on the connections to the port of Civitavecchia, also an important cruise hub thanks to the possibility to enter the capital of MSC (and Lufthansa) in the capital of Eta Arrows, where the same shipping company attributed to the Aponte family must have a large stake. The intention also aims to develop information for travelers on flights, train traffic, and inside convoys, stations and airport terminals. The terminal thus becomes a real extension of the airport. branch in continuity.

    Agreement between Ferrovie dello Stato and Aeroporti di Roma, the Romanian airport management company controlled by Atlantia Holdings, also includes the design and construction of a vertical port in the parking area of ​​Rome’s Termini station, and plans to identify additional spaces suitable for the future expansion of this network. Aeroporti di Roma will launch the first commercial operations between Fiumicino Airport and Rome in 2024.

    Luigi Ferraris, Managing Director of Fs . says: Rail and air transport must cooperate in the context of integrated and sustainable mobility, through strategic cooperation aimed at creating a convergence of goals, bringing benefits to both sectors and the mobility system in general. We are working on the creation of new railway infrastructures, the modernization of existing infrastructures and with them also the services provided.

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