Charlene from Monaco, very nice revenge

    Charlene from Monaco, very nice revenge

    Charlene of Monaco, a beautiful revenge on her husband Alberto: what happened inside the royal couple!

    Princess of Monaco scandal
    (from Facebook)

    Don’t put your finger between the husband and wife, especially if the wife is already preparing the sweetest dish for an angry woman. We know how diverse and complex the dynamics of a couple can be in all its aspects.

    But we, as spectators, and gossip experts, cannot help but smell the air and formulate hypotheses about the strange sequence of cause and effect which can hide behind the woman’s long face;

    This applies to both pairs of friends whom we may have known for a long time, but which we would prefer not to partake of, or it can also apply to couples from magazine Which we know by eye and which we guess behind the appearance of the newspaper.

    This, today, is our case: and a cooperating spouse is nothing less than a couple my king: Charlotte of Monaco and her husband Albert. In fact, Charlotte suffered a simple mistake that she did not let go of…

    Charlene of Monaco, her revenge on Albert

    Charlotte of Monaco's revenge
    (from Facebook)

    But what happened between the two that made Charlene so angry? It seems that her husband did not like to meet her ex-husband and children in Munich. In fact, Charlene would have found out, without ever being personally informed.

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    In short, Alberto, a really bad choice! Charlene now has the knife on the side of the handle and who knows how she would use it in that case if she wanted to use it. Although it is actually about the use, we have little doubts.

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    Charlene seems totally bent on revenge (whether or not she’s exaggerating, we can’t say for sure). But how will you get revenge? In a very subtle way, and even more frightening. In fact, the National Day of Monaco. Well, the princess can …

    …may not appear! If the gesture seems to you unfounded, then consider that in this way it will greatly undermine the prestige of her husband Alberto.

    In fact, last year, since she was debilitated by an upper respiratory infection, the man has been with Charlotte of Monaco.

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