Characters loved by Southeast Asian fans cause criticism from Westerners –

    Characters loved by Southeast Asian fans cause criticism from Westerners –

    Over the past weekend, Atlus and Sega revealed the results of A vote on characters for Persona 5 Royal Available to fans of Southeast Asia. The results, which you can see in full below, see the protagonist in first place, Makoto Niijima in second place and Ryuji in penultimate place, just above Haru.

    To the astonishment of many it was Ryuji’s positionwhom Westerners instead regard as an excellent character.

    In the comments below the Persona subreddit post, me Ryuji fan Complain about survey results. Fans are wondering how he finished second last in the new poll and what the Southeast Asian players will have against Ryuji in particular.

    One of the comments is supposed to Voiced by Max Mittelmann In the English dub of the game Persona 5 Royal has won many Western fans, so the opinion of players who use other dubbing is different. Another commenter wrote that Ryuji is a bit vulgar and that this is a huge deterrent in Asian regions and does not inspire sympathy.

    Some wonder how he did it Haru To come last in the poll, but we don’t think it’s much of a surprise, frankly, because Haru has always been one of the least popular characters in Persona 5 overall, due to less screen time in the original 2017 version compared to other characters like Anne and Futaba.

    But no one is particularly surprised by this Makoto He finished second. The badass student has been a fan favorite since 2017, and Makoto can easily be said to be one of the best characters in the Persona franchise overall.

    What is your favorite character Who is Persona 5 Royal?

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