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Chaos night, at least one dead – Corriere.it

Chaos night, at least one dead - Corriere.it

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Paris – An error occurred while performing routine program maintenanceOrange . player cause malfunctions emergency numbers, Wednesday evening, in France.

It is impossible to call ambulances, firefighters and police from landlines in many areas of the country.

A situation that provoked strong reactions from the government. Minister of the Interior, Gerald DarmaninMinister of State for Digital Affairs Cedric shortened the official visit to Tunisia to return quickly to Paris.

A person with cardiovascular disease is dead In Morbihan (in Brittany, EdOn Thursday morning, the minister said that he failed to seek help in a timely manner, adding that two other suspected cases occurred in Runyon, where citizens in the grip of the disease tried to seek help several times and failed to get a response from the workers.

server in tilt

The failure is related to static network servers, that’s why Orange urged citizens to use cell phones Provisional numbers have been released. Prime Minister Jean Castix, who is also on a visit to Tunisia, said today that we need to understand how this was possible and make sure it does not happen again. I asked for an investigation into the causes, it’s a serious malfunction.

Orange’s managing director, Stefan Richard, has been called to the Home Office to give the first explanations. The service is now back to normal. Known issue, VOIP technology (which allows phone calls to be made on the Internet, editor) is more fragile and this affects all operators. He said that the systems are evolving more and more but they are also more complex and sensitive, and it is difficult to detect problems with these technologies. the world Stephane Crozier, President, Orange CFE-CGC. Regarding special issues, we have made three technologies coexist: mobile, traditional and voip. It just over complicates something that should be trusted in the first place. A similar case occurred in Belgium, last January, due to a Proximus operator outage that caused emergency numbers to crash for one night.

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