Channels That Are No Longer Seen And How The Digital Earth Is Changing

    Channels That Are No Longer Seen And How The Digital Earth Is Changing

    Another five million Sicilian will have to update their digital terrestrial channels to continue their vision. It is another step towards the date of March 8, the day the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) set all national broadcasters to pass to Mpeg-4 encoding, which allows viewing in HD.

    In particular, today we need to update TV channels to continue to see local broadcasters in seven Italian regions, including Sicily:

    • Sicily
    • Calabria
    • Basilicata
    • Apulia
    • Molise
    • Abruzzo
    • marquis

    By March 8, 2022, local broadcasters will also have to switch to MPEG-4 encoding like national broadcasters, so that citizens of these regions can add the new channels with fresh resets.

    How to re-tune TV channels

    To continue watching channels, simply start resetting your TV or digital terrestrial set-top box, to hold the new frequencies.

    Some older TVs may not be able to receive the new signal. To understand if you need to buy a new TV (or a new decoder) just check if you can see Rai 501, 502 or 503 channels. If the signal is received and the broadcaster logo shows the word HD, then the TV is compatible. If not, you will have to buy a new set-top box or TV.

    What will happen on March 8

    On March 8, 2022 Mise determined the activation throughout Italy of the MPEG-4 encoding for transmission of all programs of national television broadcasters in high definition;

    The high-quality visual channels between Numbers 1, 9 and Number 20 will be placed on the remote control, effectively inverting the current arrangement. For example, the Rai 1 HD channel, currently visible at 501, will be moved to 1 while the Standard Quality Edition (SD) will be set to 501. To display these programs correctly, simply reset your TV or set-top box .

    Instead, Rai News 24 will follow a region-specific calendar (which began on January 3) and will run region by region until March 8. in detail:

    • From January 3, 2022 in Valle D’Aosta
    • From January 4th in Sardinia
    • From January 10 in Piedmont
    • From January 20 in Lombardy
    • From February 10 in Trentino Alto Adige
    • From February 24 in Veneto
    • From March 1 in Friuli Venezia Giulia
    • From 2 March in Emilia-Romagna

    In any case, until December 31, 2022, national television broadcasters will still be able to continue broadcasting simultaneously with both encodings, but channels with the new encoding will be on remote numbers 1 through 9.

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