Home Economy Change your checking account again: now you invest

Change your checking account again: now you invest

Change your checking account again: now you invest

For current account holders, many new developments will emerge between June and July, as many are concerned

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From July 1, 2021, many things will change in Italy, for example, many ING Direct branches will disappear. to Turin Instead, ING will remain intact, while A. Rome, Naples, Padua and Milan e Bologna The bank will remain present, but move from place to place. But it’s not the only news about ING, which, as has been announced for some time, is … All ATMs will be closed Is present in the region.

This means that more than a million customers of the bank will have to pay the surplus of other institutions to implement procedures such as withdrawals and deposits. It’s not over yet, and it may not be the most worrying news. The real hype comes with the announcement Capacity Revenue Agency.

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Why does the current account change so much

The foreclosure suspension is about to expire. And the Finance Ministry had announced this: The deadline will be On May 31, 2021. So, starting the next day, payment invoices, executive evaluation notices and INPS debit notice, and foreclosures for pending invoices or new invoices will begin in the process of being initiated. Therefore, foreclosures on salaries and pensions have returned. Maybe for this reason too, Good to understand how to defuse evasion, Because tax authorities keep the magnifying glass always active.

Everything that changes regarding checking accounts carries with it severe concern on the part of banks across Europe: Negative rates. How does the economy work? It aims to get its customers to invest. But they don’t want to take too much risk, so they settle for postal savings bonds, or even government bonds.

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In practice, banks are trying to motivate account holders and put them on the margin for not adhering to the investment forms, which have become almost mandatory, in these terms. Then the good old man pocketed Btp. Account holders, who do not want to take too much risk, hide behind the country’s products of medium and short term maturity, even with a narrow return, but at least with less risk.

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