Home Tech CES 2021: New details from Mercedes on the MBUX super screen

CES 2021: New details from Mercedes on the MBUX super screen

CES 2021: New details from Mercedes on the MBUX super screen

January 7th Mercedes debuted at MBUX Hyperscreen, The new development From the MBUX system That will be present inside it Future electric pioneer EQS That will be launched in 2021. During the presentation, the manufacturer announced that more details It will be revealed during CES 2021 This is because Pandemic All this happens online.

During a dedicated session, Mercedes recalled the main features of the system while emphasizing how the AI, screen and operating system could fully adapt to the user and offering customized suggestions for various functions depending on the situation. In full Inside the Maxi screen is 141 cm wide. But the presentation at CES was a chance to preview Mercedes travel knowledge function Present in the new MBUX system.

The constructor explains that it is a smart function that starts with map data, Provides information on the most interesting sights along the way. Everyone inside the car will simply say “Mercedes, what can you tell me about this building?“or”Hey Mercedes, what’s the name of the restaurant to the left?At this point, the required information will appear on the infotainment screen and the voice assistant will read it.

Thanks to OTA updates, the functionality will also be available in MBUX’s system The new S-Class (Here’s our test). Sajjad Khan, Member of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz AG and CTO, comments on the new MBUX system:

The new MBUX Hyperscreen combines a unique electrical aesthetic with exceptional ease of use. A critical strength is the networking of all systems based on intelligent and adaptive software. This makes Hyperscreen the mind of the car. It is connected and communicates with all components of the vehicle. While developing MBUX Hyperscreen, the focus was clear on the client. The goal was to develop a concept that does not distract the driver or require complex operations, but is capable of learning thanks to artificial intelligence. The result speaks for itself: MBUX Hyperscreen always understands the customer better, thus providing a personalized, personalized entertainment offer even before the user has to click on anything. This is customer orientation and digital thinking in 2021.

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