Home science Certificate in Medicine and Surgery, by Alessandro de Girolamo

Certificate in Medicine and Surgery, by Alessandro de Girolamo

Certificate in Medicine and Surgery, by Alessandro de Girolamo

Young Alessandro de Girolamo, aged 24, graduated with a brilliant degree in medicine and surgery from the University of “Alma Mater Studio” in Bologna. Notable scientific achievement for the new physician.

The title of the thesis in the medical clinic is interesting and culturally in particular, and it is now more than ever: “Age and comorbidity as predictors of mortality in COVID-19 patients: analysis of the results of the SARS-RAS study of the Italian Hypertension Association.”

Topic on the agenda and of great international scientific value. The vote for young Alessandro was 110 and was praised with applause and congratulations by the entire examination committee.

For the great cultural event, congratulations to Mother Euphemia, Sister Paula and Marta, Brother Francesco, Grandmother Pina, Uncles Carmen, Ugo, Dario, Antonella, Piero and cousins ​​Emanuela and Chiara. And Christina and Josie as well as all relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Of course, the discussion of Alessandro’s thesis was accompanied from above by the late father Danilo, a well-known physician, torn from the influence of the family at an early age by an incurable disease.

Without a doubt, Father Danilo congratulated and rejoiced at the noble goal of his son Alessandro, the natural heir in the field of medicine.

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