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    The two sides of the same coin. Buying a smartphone nowadays (even if we have at least two more and more frequently) means being able to connect, work, play, chat, sing and who knows what other fiends are. But to everything there is a flip side to the coin.

    cell phone gives Accreditation? Yes, especially for children. Are you far from reality with your mobile phone? Yes, especially among teenagers. Do you lose focus with your cell phone, at the risk of doing stupid or unprofitable things? The answer is still yes.

    Mobile spending - 20221005
    Mobile spending –

    When shoppers use their cell phones to keep up with messages, social media or calls, navigate the store at a slower pace, navigate multiple aisles, and stumble upon additional products, they lose about 20 cents per share at checkout counters, with more than 40% of purchases that can be Avoid it.

    Up to 58% increased spending

    These are the surprising numbers for a German smartphone survey. In the first of the two reports, researchers found that people spend 45% more on products, with a peak of 58%, in the second part of the study.

    Researchers say mobile phone use distracts people from their planned shopping list, whether it’s a real detailed list or their store where they work practically on autopilot (while talking or chatting clearly with a relative, friend, co-worker or with anyone), Customers often shop with products that are not part of the daily menu, but those that they usually buy.

    Go go items in your cart, because – again according to the German study – exposure to a wide range of products stimulates people’s memory about other things they ran out of at home; Or why the emergence and observation of new products inspires people to make additional purchases.

    Spending - 20221005
    Spending – 20221005

    Even a small grocery store can stock 10,000 unique products, a sum that is impossible for the human brain to consciously process.

    The researchers explained that one way our brains try to simplify this is by activating a kind of internal autopilot that acts as a “purchase script” for what we do and see in the store.

    Here, when we use our cell phone, we turn off the autopilot and move and act completely differently. Another parallel study on Swedish supermarkets, published in Marketing MagazineBased on a data set of 294 shopping trips compiled by the consulting firm Retail Academics and a follow-up experiment by researchers from Bath on 120 repeat buyers, divided into two parts: shopping and shopping without a mobile phone.

    Using eye-tracking technology, the research team at Stockholm School of Economicssubordinate Babson College The University of Tennessee studied how people move around the store and what they see and buy. Embarrassing differences depend on whether there is a smartphone or not.

    The supermarket example can quietly extend to anything we do with or without a mobile phone. I think people think.

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