Cashback, summer brings great news to consumers: there is official confirmation


    Cashback, summer brings great news to consumers: there is an official confirmation. Despite the government’s crisis, the proposal is resisting

    The government crisis is frightening everyone, starting with Italian consumers who fear for their already tested purchasing power in the past two years. But now the good news comes to the fore CashbackBecause it’s official and no one will be able to come back.

    2022 Cashback (Pexels)

    Where the state no longer arrives, because the cashback has been canceled even with many criticisms of its creation, others think about it. That is, public and private companies that still believe in this form of spending with immediate repayment that Italians loved so much. Then PostePay decided to extend Until September 30 next one Cashback after paymentwhich was launched in 2021 to promote the use of digital payments in the Postepay app.

    You are allowed to redeem cashback for each transaction, equal to or greater than €10, up to a maximum of €10 per day, via Postepay Code. We are talking about a payment service that allows holders of prepaid cards or Postepay debit cards to pay easily. Simply frame the QR code displayed on the affiliate stores and they will be blurred.

    Cashback, summer brings great news to all consumers: How it works

    But there’s more, because the special promotion will run until September 30th. Postepay card holder, prepaid or debit card, will be able to receive it 3 euro cashback For every transaction equal to or greater than €10 made using the Postepay code. Also in this case the maximum repayment is 10 euros per day.

    Postepay Cashback works with payments made to merchants, supermarket chains, large-scale retail, and Postepay Code taxi companies. It will be enough Select this payment method The customer will be directed to the Postepay app to authorize the transaction with his PosteID code.

    PostePay card (screenshot)

    Postepay Code transactions at service-enabled LIS tobacco sellers are included in the Promotion, excluding flyer payment. Only transactions made using the Postepay code at post offices are excluded from the offer. But when will the cashback arrive? Usually within 5 days of the transaction posting date.

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