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Cashback, so it’ll change with Draghi’s government

Cashback, so it'll change with Draghi's government

Cashback Yes, no cashback. The anti-evasion and “customs clearance” measure of digital payments, which the Conte 2 government so desperately wants, appears to have been numbered. But while in the beginning He seemed sure he was going to the atticNow the rumors are talking about Substantive corrections To a model who is still dear to much of the parliamentary representation, especially the grillina.

State cashback

Those who make at least 50 payments in a semester using electronic money (Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards, ATMs and Applications), Is entitled to a refund of 10% of the amount spent (up to a maximum of 150 euros). Additionally, those who do the most digital transactions participate in The Super Prize of 1500 Euros.

Feline problem

In classic Italian style, Soon the wits of the situation appeared, Who decide to split the different transactions so that they have more available. The most striking case is the case Petrol pumps, With dozens of attendees at gas stations who denounced consumers’ habit of making small recharges, even several times during the day, to collect more electronic transactions. We even got into almost fraudulent activities: by using a POS without a VAT number to call a smartphone, it is actually possible to execute transactions that appear to have been completed in a physical store instead of online.

How could that change

There is talk of a possible change regarding the system of calculating the digital operations carried out to access the domain A prize of 1,500 euros, Every 6 months. Technicians at PagoPa (Public Administration Payment System) are working on creating an algorithm capable of identifying any suspicious movements. On the point in question, it may be sufficient to impose a minimum on the operations that could contribute to the Super Casback.

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Other crucial issues – highlighted by Confesercenti – relate to banks’ commissions on electronic payments, and penalizing small businesses. In this sense, too, something needs to be changed.

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