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Cashback is about to be deposited by scammers: many of them are out

Cashback is about to be deposited by scammers: many of them are out

Cashback not only risks rewarding smart people instead of the honest, but also attracts fewer participants

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The sincere have long feared. Not only to be included in the final grand prize, but also Super Cashback can be canceled due to the famous sly. But Mef never gave up, and even though the action is a bit late, he will be now Exclude thousands of participants.

Of course, the “error” is due to the system itself, in fact the smartest people over time were very good at exploiting the small holes in it, and they were able to complete a certain type of transaction without any problem. To the unhappiness of the traders and participants who immediately moved to file several complaints. But how does the government want to intervene?

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Cashback: Everything will be restored soon

In fact, more than 10% individual reimbursement on expenses, what interests the smarter people a lot is the final prize of Super Cashback of € 3,000 per year, divided into two tranches of € 1,500 every six months. Ironically, we are moving in this direction, because at the same time there are those who fear that our transactions will be useless Because the cashback is on the verge of being excluded from the payback plan.

But with this possibility in the background, let’s focus on what could happen in the short term for a project that (honest) Italians love so much. The so-called cunning, to reach the largest number of transactions and thus get the first place in the Super Cashback ranking, Split their payments, Which is legal. In fact, no rule has been put in place on how to make a payment, but merchants complain that for every minimal transaction they pay us. Committees Thus we lose ourselves.

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But for them, there should not be a great future, because it seems that after so many complaints from the models, it is decided to intervene. The Ministry of Economy and Finance is actually preparing Black listOf those to be excluded. It is still unclear what parameters are to report one deletion instead of the other, but the ratings will surely be revised, if action is actually taken.

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