Home science Cases of unconsciousness and illnesses, here are the dangers

Cases of unconsciousness and illnesses, here are the dangers

Cases of unconsciousness and illnesses, here are the dangers

They live among the sewers and garbage dumps of the capital. Rome It is now exceeded mice and the Yes but (Italian Society of Environmental Medicine) launchesSewer alarm. the scorching heat Hey lose Create an ideal habitat for them to spread miceso much so that the Society estimated that for every Romanian inhabitant there were about 3.5 mice.

So they will be approx $10 million the rodents living in the capital. what if Paris A few days ago he gave up Rodent controlafter six years of intensive intervention but without impressive results — so much so that the mice have doubled — he now proposes coexistence model With me mice In the city, the capital has not yet implemented a real rat extermination plan.

Indeed, among the garbage trucks stopped in the workshops and shrinkage to Rodent control Stuck on the line for at least 3 years, the situation has literally spiraled out of control until it is Health emergency.

In the face of such a situation is not only necessary to know the reasons Which led to the multiplication of rats in the capital, but above all What are the inconveniences Hey Risks For human health e How to prevent Nesting is possible at home. Here’s everything you need to know.

Rome rat alarm, causes: extreme heat and extermination of rodent rats

There are several reasons that led to the current one Health emergency via Rat reproduction In the capital. In the first class We find waves scorching heatwhich in addition to affecting the presence of mosquitoes And ticks, affect the development of mice, as shown by a study conducted by some researchers in the United State and in Canada. In fact, mild temperatures and winters lead to an increase in the number of rats in urban areas, as these animals do not resist low temperatures.

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Another reason is for sure dirt and failure to collect lose in the streets. Therefore, the problem is of an administrative nature. For example, on July 15th it expired – no renewal shrinkage With about 100 repair companies brooms out of 150Likes. And if cleaning activities are reinforced, unfortunately the constant breakdowns force Ama to cancel some shifts. Same problem with me Garbage truckDue to delays in maintenance, 344 vehicles have been stopped in the past few hours, which has had adverse effects.

Finally, there is a case Rodent control, which was set in 2020, and has been out for 3 years now. The funds allocated for this activity were transferred to other budget items, resulting in the winning of the six companies that won their tender. Rodent control And Cleansing They haven’t signed the contract yet.

Rat alarm in Rome, what are the dangers: blackouts and diseases

between dirt and the heat Which accelerates decomposition loseI rodents They go out in search of food and water, which increases the chances of discomfort and contact between humans and rodents.

within flaws For the massive presence of mice In the capital we find black out sudden. Only in the last few days will the mice be able to Bother Good 300 meters of optical fiberand leave isolated and There is no wifi connection or phone for five days. Among the damaged structures is also the national headquarters of the Italian Sports Center (Csi). The restoration work only started on July 21 and is expected to be completed on July 24. Noise and line problems also at the nearby Santo Spirito Hospital.

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But the real problem isSewer emergency. They are, in fact, behind 40 the diseases which can be transmitted through mice to humans, either directly through bites or indirectly through contact with their droppings. Among the diseases we find:

  • Leptospirosis. An acute infectious disease manifesting with various symptoms such as high fever, severe kidney disorders, lung hemorrhage, and meningitis.
  • Epidemic Which causes a devastating infection, and one of the most famous symptoms is the emergence of so-called buboes.bubonic plague;), high fever, severe weakness, internal bleeding and circulatory failure;
  • SalmonellosisThe most common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, dysentery, and cramping pain;
  • murine typhus; It causes severe headache, abdominal and bone pain, chills and vomiting.
  • tularemia causes fever, ulcers and swelling, up to pneumonia and symptoms similar to those of typhus;
  • Lymphatic chorioretinitis Its symptoms are similar to those of meningitis (fever, nausea, and a stiff neck), but the disease has a fairly low mortality rate;
  • anger Symptoms include fever, loss of consciousness, uncontrolled movements, and confusion.

Rome rat alarm: prevention and treatment

In the face of such an emergency, it is important to know How to behave In the event of direct or indirect contact with i mice And what are the prevention methods that can keep them away.

In case bite It is necessary to immediately go to emergency roomOnly here doctors will be able not only to clean and disinfect the wound but also to carry out vaccinations such as anti-tetanus and start treatment with appropriate antibiotics. To keep rats away—out of control of rodents—you can adopt a few attitudes and habits right away, such as: Keep the house clean and tidyRegularly removing rubbish, cleaning kitchen floors and countertops, and storing food in airtight containers Close access points And Use some natural repellents Which is not harmful to children and pets. In fact, some plants and scents are particularly unwelcoming to mice, who immediately shun, such as:

  • seedlings Mint placed at access points;
  • fillings filled Camphor essential oil in lockers (changed every three weeks);
  • rue plants Ally against rodents and snakes to be placed in rooms and possible access points;
  • Laurel leaves and branches to leave in the kitchen.
  • bicarbonate To leave in the shady corners.

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