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Carlotta Regen, Giavino Hockey Player • Calendar news

Carlotta Regen, Giavino Hockey Player • Calendar news

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Giavino – Go back to talk about him Carlotta RegenHockey player Giavino. Always an athlete. Past successes in the football field, with Giaveno Coazze able to touch the then-Serie C2. Poinella volleyball with Cuatto Giaveno. Recorded attendance in the Women’s First Division. Then his current sport: ice hockey. Here she is last year of the Italian national team in strength as a goalkeeper in the U15 team and in Real Torino HC. One of the strongest teams in Piedmont. Thanks to her qualities, Giaveno Girl also played in U18 Hockey. Then the first important transfer to gain experience. in Austria. Then in Finland and finally in Hungary where he plays for Vasas from Budapest.

Carlotta Regen

Very young but have long mathematical approaches. lets see. The National Under 18 participated in two world championships, at Radenthein in 2019 in Austria and Fussen 2020 in Bavaria. Then several acting tournaments in Europe, in 2017, she also traveled abroad, in North America, with the Aosta team. In January 2020, the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne. Always on ice. In the mixed-team tournament, with only one representative per country. There he defended the blue colors nicely by winning the silver medal individually.


Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice in which skaters use a curved stick to guide the disc toward the opponent’s goal. It is generally referred to as a fast and physical sport. It is the most popular sport in those countries with a cold enough climate to allow the formation of a natural blanket of ice in outdoor environments. Such as Canada, the Czech Republic, Latvia and the Nordic countries. Especially Finland, Sweden, the United States, Russia, Slovakia and Switzerland. With the advent of artificial ice rinks, it was possible to start practicing even in warmer months and especially in countries with warmer climates. Ice hockey is one of the four major American sports. In fact, the most important tournament in the world is the National Hockey League (NHL), which brings together the best teams from the United States and Canada. It is also a national sport in Canada, where it enjoys immense popularity.

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