Carlotta, an influencer who graduated in medicine at only 23 years old

    Carlotta, an influencer who graduated in medicine at only 23 years old

    get out early – The result is a medical degree, specializing in cardiology, obtained one year earlier in the academic calendar, after the classical high school diploma, always with full marks, also obtained 12 months earlier than fellow students.

    Is there a recipe we can suggest? “A lot of determination and a few hours of sleep. And the unconditional support of my family, who always encouraged and supported me in my studies, until graduation.”

    Family, sacrifices and renunciation – The mother and father of a housewife working in the bank, Carlotta’s parents have always been close to this daughter with many different interests and passions, but with the ability to focus on and achieve ambitious goals. Every time. Was it all just sailing, rewards, and successes that rewarded commitment and hard work? “Not exactly. I also had to make many sacrifices and some sacrifices. As when, in elementary school, I had to choose whether to devote myself to a career as a ballerina, a discipline that I loved and did well. I had to give it up to dedicate myself Strictly. Or, simply, there weren’t as many New Years I was able to celebrate as my friends did, because there were always exams for the winter session waiting for me. And it cost me New Year’s Eve.”

    This meeting with Mattarella – sacrifices which, however, have been repaid in abundance by results that already fill Carlotta’s curriculum. But not only: in 2017, immediately after receiving a high school diploma, the student was awarded by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella as a standard holder of work. “Meeting the Head of State was one of those experiences that repaid all the sacrifices that were made. His words made me feel proud to be Italian and made me want to serve my country.”

    “I want to work in Italy” – It is good to hear these statements at a time when many are fleeing Italy in search of better job opportunities elsewhere. How does your country live? “I feel very connected to my origins. During my university years, I studied on a full degree course in English with the idea of ​​traveling in the future to enrich my knowledge. But the intent is to enrich myself, specialize, improve myself and then come back to work here.”

    Not just studying Health care has made its focus in life. But there is also much more than that. “Exactly yes. Over the years, I have started to develop a great passion like piano, hiking in the mountains and connecting with nature, and of course traveling and picnics with friends. In addition to getting involved with local TV in my city, where I comment on Hellas Verona football matches after the side” Social” from matches. Sports is an important part of my life. In addition to trips to the mountains, in my days there is always a gym and a physical. Activity. Things that charge me. ”

    Objective Cardiology – On the other hand, after graduation there is no time to lose. It is already time to prepare to enter the specialty. “After a dissertation in Cardiology, I would like to deepen this field as I prepare for the exam I will take. I hope to continue studying at San Raffaele in Milan, where I have been in these five years of university. But I remain open to any opportunity.” In the sign of love of research and knowledge. Always full of news and surprises.

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