Home entertainment Card games in Emilia-Romagna: a centuries-old tradition

Card games in Emilia-Romagna: a centuries-old tradition

Giochi di carte in Emilia Romagna: una tradizione pluricentenaria

Among the Italians’ favorite pastime is definitely there play cards. However, some regions boast longer and more prominent entertainment traditions than others and true “regional” floors.

It is among thoseEmilia-RomagnaIt is an area where playing cards appeared many centuries ago. Time to revive this tradition and find out which disciplines the Emilians and Romanians loved the most.

According to the first written testimonies, card games spread in Romania The invention of printing. In fact, the more affluent and noble classes knew this type of entertainment and there is no shortage of handcrafted floor time accounts and frequent stadium games. However, the popularity came when decks became available to common people as well.

Card game is one of the oldest and most popular entertainment Marvon Picachino, And it is a four-player system with many points in common with the more famous Tressette. There are even two versions and they still fill the tables today: in the Ferrara area it is called Trionfo (the game is also famous in the UK where it is called Triumph) while in Ravenna and its county it is known as the Tri Sett con crown. Regulations in the two areas are also different. In Ferrara, you can also play with five cards and each participant gets eight. In Ravenna, the number of participants ranges from 2 to 4 and 10 cards are played. The goal is simple: get more points than the opponent. The desired score to win is 41 but it is possible to agree before the start of the game and stop at a lower altitude or higher.

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It also belongs to regional traditions Petrangola-The game for all ages can include from 4 to 24 players, more card combinations are obviously used. Here too we have it Two different versions. The first is Piacenza and he played with cards from Marche. The other, the most famous, involves the use of a collection of Romanian documents.

Petrangola is very popular during the holidays and also known in Marche with an additional player variant, and very simple regulations: Whoever eliminates the other participants wins. Each player aims to achieve a score that allows him to remain in the game, as in the popular game of the dead in Campania. Three “souls” are available to all. Once done, you are automatically deleted.

It is also very popular in Emilia Half past seven, Italian version International blackjackAnd Broom and Tressette, A well-known pastime throughout Italy. It is clear that she will be playing strictly with a set of cards for Romania.

Even the typical card sets in the region have important histories and traditions. The Romania Cards I In Spanish style, a mixture between Naples and Piacentine, With full number and floor 40 and is popular today in the provinces of Rimini, Forle Cesena, Ravenna, Ferrara, Imola and San Marino. The aces design reminds of the design of the cards of the North while the goblets and swords mention those of the South. On the other hand, the sticks are identical to those of the Spanish.

There are actually two variants of the traditional Emilia Romagna cards. The first is there Bolognese PrimeraIt is mainly used in the capital and around Cento and in a more northerly fashion. The second is Romaniola, which is in Spanish style and spread throughout the region. Height and dimensions are typical of the Iberian tradition and every scorecard 51 x 91 mm.

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Especially fun, even if not directly related to ancient traditions, the cards recently launched by Bologna Games and entirely dedicated to the gastronomic culture of the city. Hence, the money turns into tortellini, swords into knives for cutting tagliatelles, sticks into staples used to wrap pasta and mugs in red wine glasses. Or Lambrusco Typical for bars.

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