Car tax, here’s where to pay without spending even a penny in commissions

    Car tax, here’s where to pay without spending even a penny in commissions

    No one likes to pay car tax, unfortunately if you don’t pay the regional car tax you risk getting it on the house Nice tax bill and notify Remove your vehicle from the Public Vehicle Register.

    Even if you pay it on time, you also have to pay various commissions for reception and payment services, Recently it has become more and more expensive.

    However, there are places and websites Where you can pay your car tax without spending even a penny in commissions. Let’s see what they are, which instead offer a lower commission cost.

    Car tax, here’s where to pay without spending even a penny in commissions

    To pay the commission cost of car tax as little as possible You must rely on an ACI service. If you are a member of the Automobile Club Italia, you are entitled to the direct payment of vehicle tax, No additional cost.

    But be careful, this exemption is available Only for those who are members of ACI He also resides in one of these partner regions:

    Otherwise, if you want to proceed with paying the car tax in the normal way, you will spend with the service ACI TeleBollo (or over the phone) €2.87 good, plus 1.2% car tax (ie € 1.20 for every € 100 stamp duty), to which the telephone operator’s tariff must also be added.

    If you have internet, you can use it BolloNet ACIequal commission cost €2.87 plus 1.2% motor tax.

    How much does it cost to pay car tax at cigarette sellers?

    Apart from the ACI service, there are other ways to pay vehicle tax commission costs More content.

    All the Tobacco dealers belonging to the SISAL Lottomatica department Payment of stamp duty can be arranged, and submission of the following documents as well:

    • vehicle registration certificate,

    • Vehicle registration number.

    The average cost per commission is 2 eurosPay with cash or debit card. The same goes for bank branches, both on duty and at express checkouts. Depending on the solution chosen and the bank you rely on, Service fees may vary. Also in this case, the above documents will be required.

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    How much does it cost to pay car tax at the Italian Post Office?

    Unlike the previous one, Poste Italiane included instead Lowest commission cost ever, only €1.50. In any case, you will have to declare the type of vehicle, registration number and region of residence on a special form at the counter.

    The employee will tell you the amount that you can pay in cash or at points of sale.

    Poste Italiane also allows payments via PagoPA, for the same cost 1.50 euros. Just validate a file QR code Payment notice (paper or via the application) and payment by credit card or from the checking account, without the need to submit any documents.

    And if you have a Poste account and a Postepay card or a Banco Poste checking account, You can do everything online and pay just one euro.

    The biggest convenience is being able to do it wherever you are, even without leaving home.

    How to pay car tax with a 15% discount

    In some cases the vehicle tax can be paid with a substantial discount applied.

    Some banking services guarantee to their customers 15% reduction on the total amount dueeven if there are still commissions for paying car tax.

    In this case You will need to forward the direct debit authorization to your region, online or in print. This request must be submitted by the end of the month preceding the month in which the payment must be made.

    Once the localization is complete, The amount will be debited directly from your account each year.

    In general, the home banking service provides Very nominal feeequals 1 euro. Simply download the banking app and perform required transactions from home. In the case of localization, you can revoke it whenever you want.

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