Capri, €78 bill for breakfast: “We took 6 croissants, 3 cappuccinos and 2 coffees”

    Capri, €78 bill for breakfast:

    a group of friends Pay 78 euros for breakfast a capri. to croissant it’s a cappuccino 14 euros in one of the bars in siazzetta, in the center of the island of Campania. A cost considered by the user who participated in video on me tiktok. “This money was enough for me coffee A month and a half”, he comments Tweet embed While he’s with the cell phone, he frames the bill.

    Fish dinner, 4 first courses €280. Restaurateur: “They are wonderful, rare and expensive crustaceans.”

    Capri 78 euros breakfast bill: what did they eat

    At the Piazzetta Bar, the young group had breakfast 6 croissants (three with chocolate, one with cream and two empty), 3 cups Cappuccinos and 2 Latte Macchiatos. A total of 78 euros from the account. However, what is indicated in the video does not correspond to what is written in the receipt. In addition, the boy who wrote the video, when he frames the other friends who are in the bar, embarrasses them. We see that young women cover their faces because they don’t want to be photographed.

    Rome, cappuccino 8 euros at the bar. It’s a conflict between the customer and the owner: “If it’s too much, don’t come”

    Segmentation of users

    It’s Capri! Do you want to go? PayAnnagiulia writes in the comments to the video. Many point out that the popular tourist resort prices are well known. So we shouldn’t be surprised to pay €14 for a croissant and a cappuccino. But there are also those who do not see it the same way. “It’s not even one receipt» refers to Marta. While Valentina invites the user to call “No.” financeThen there are also these jokes and reduces. As Simone: «At the bar I usually go to, for €78 He also leaves the keys to me“.

    Tweet embed

    no okay

    ♬ Original soundtrack – RPG

    Capri Square

    the name is Piazza Umberto 1But everyone knows how Piazzetta. It is the center of Capri. Many stop for coffee. Why is it called that? The name Piazzetta derives from its certainly small size, with bar tables covering just a few square metres. In the dialect of the islanders it is known as “patch”.

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