Candy Smuggling Begins: A Ridiculous Story Because of TikTok

    Candy Smuggling Begins: A Ridiculous Story Because of TikTok
    fruit rolls. Source: Instagram (@fruitrollups)

    Fruit Roll-Ups Candy Starts Smuggling And It’s All Wrong On TikTok: Ridiculous Story!

    Tik Tok It has now become one of the most used social networks by users from all over the world. After all, thanks to this application, various trends have been launched internationally, and videos of some popular product brands have also gone viral.

    This is the case with fruit rollsFor example, very thin sheets of fruit candy, which went in trend in the aforementioned application.

    In fact, ever since this juice-flavored snack brand went viral on TikTok, in Israel He left smuggling of these products. In short, it is without a doubt an incredibly absurd story.

    Specifically, according to the news on the web, the authorities were going to confiscate approx 300 kg Fruit rolls in Only one Israeli airport. Basically, a huge amount of fruit sweets.

    Fruit rolls: the start of smuggling into Israel

    In more detail, as disclosed hatredAn American couple would have arrived at an airport Tel Aviv Ben Gurion accompanied by ben 150 kg of fruit rolls, placed inside their luggage. In fact, the couple’s bags seemed to be filled with packages of sweet fruit produce, lined up perfectly.

    Moreover, it was discovered Another 150 kgAlso from Fruit Roll-Ups, in shipments from the US. In short, it is smuggling and it will be It’s all TikTok’s fault.

    Fruit Roll-Ups and Trending on TikTok

    It all started when tiktoker was noticed Gulnar Javamy She posted a video this past February showing her “sweet pleasure.” Video arrived More than 14 million views.

    In the video, the popular tiktoker took a packet of strawberry-flavored fruit rolls out of the freezer, opened a box, unwrapped the frozen treat and stuffed it inside. Scoop of ice cream, in this case with mangoes. This combination of flavors and textures will unleash a taste explosion with every bite and, above all, make you feel satisfied.”crush!after every bite. Real fun!

    So, after this video, other TikTok users posted other alternative recipes to make with Fruit Roll-Ups and Ice Cream and soon the trend spread all over the world, including Israel. However, as these fruit snacks in Israel are approx Can’t get it And very expensive, thus became contraband. Basically, it looks like a movie plot!

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