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Cambio Casa Cambio Vita Web Edition, June 8, Castrignano, Episodes

cambio casa cambio vita web edition

Tonight, May 22, 2021, Rai 1 The final prime-time broadcastEurovision Song Contest 2021. The 65th edition of the event has been commented on, for Italy, before Gabriel Corsi and Cristiano Malgoglio.

Artists representing 26 finalist countries perform fromAhoy Arena de Rotterdam, In the presence of the audience. Therefore, the security measures to avoid contracting the Covid virus are very strict. for this reason Damiano, Leader ManskinHe said during the press conference to present the event The group did not have the opportunity to visit the city.

Moreover, last night, the winners of the latest version of Sanremo Won Award for Best Text Presented at Eurovision 2021. By validating international bookmakers’ predictions, They would like Maneskin’s favorite team to win.

Eurovision Song Contest final 2021, all finalists

Here it is Ladder From the finalEurovision Song Contest 2021, With artists arranged in order of release.

  1. Cipro: Elena Tsagreno With the devil
  2. Albania: Angela Peristeri With “vine”
  3. Israel: Aden alone Deceive “Set Me Free”,
  4. Belgium: Hofphonic Deceive the wrong place
  5. Russia: Manega Deceive the Russian Woman,
  6. Malta: fate Deceive “I’m crashing”,
  7. Portugal: Black mamba Love deceives on my side,
  8. Serbia: Tornado With “crazy crazy”,
  9. United kingdom: James Newman Deceive “embers”
  10. Greece: Stefania Deceive “the last dance”,
  11. Switzerland: Tears of Gjon Deceive the “whole universe”,
  12. Iceland: Daði and the amount of data Con ’10 years’,
  13. Spain: Sing Plus With the phrase “I will stay”,
  14. Moldova: Natalia Jordenko Deceive “sugar”
  15. Germany: Gendrick Con “I don’t feel hate”,
  16. Finland: Blind channel Con “the dark side”,
  17. Bulgaria: Victoria Deceive “maturity is getting old”,
  18. Lithuania: The Roop With “Discoteque”,
  19. Ukraine: Go_A With “sniff”
  20. France: Barbara Braffy Con “that’s it”,
  21. Azerbaijan: Teacher Fool Mata Hari,
  22. Norway: Tex The “fallen angel” is deceived,
  23. Holland: Jingu Macroe Con “birth of a new era”,
  24. Italy: Maneskin with Zitti e BuoniAnd the
  25. Sweden: Tosi Con “sounds”,
  26. San Marino: I’m done With “adrenaline”.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021, Live

“You look like someone who should go and get married.” Begins Malgioglio Enter the studio at the start of the broadcast. “Tonight I want to be your Sharon Stone.” Then continue Malgioglio. “As you understand, we will neither be silent nor good.” He answers last Courses.

MalgioglioMeanwhile, he sits in an armchair Decorated with flags from all over Europe. This is followed by the broadcast of the exhibition DeodatoWith the song that won Sanremo 2020, From Verona Arena completely empty. Diodato then contacts the studio, offering good luck to Manskin. “I have their number, I’ll call them!” Let her continue Deodato. “Everything will be shattered!” Diodato then says directly to Maneskins.

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Then follow Archive footage From previous editions of Eurovision. Still others, Maneskins recorded it during their trip to Rotterdam, Before the event starts.

MalgioglioFinally, he read a poem dedicated to Manskin. “The rock diamond is hiding inside your heart.” He claims. “It does not happen, but if it does... “Corsi repeats to Maneskin in a call from Rotterdam.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021, the event begins

Fedes has also tweeted about the 2021 Eurovision theft. Corsi says. “Everyone who has a phone call will write to me, and we will read the messages.” Malgioglio continues. Then the line passes to the international direction.

Then the conductors of the orchestra remember the name of another winner who received a live award in 2019: Duncan Lawrence from Holland. The winning song was Arcade that won the event with 498 points.

Meanwhile, representatives of 26 countries compete They parade one by one on stage; While the conductors are in the presence of a RotterdamAnd the Jean SmitAnd the Edelia RumbleyAnd the Chantal Janzen Nikki de Jagger, in Arte Nikkie They sing the song Venus from Shocking Blue.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

The first to lead a nation Cipro he is Elena Tsagreno With “the devil.” Rating code is 01. She is so beautiful, Lady Gaga does a lot. Comments Malgioglio.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

Then press all’Albania, Performed Angela Peristeri With “karma.” “Excellent sound range, by Mezzo-Soprano. “ Malgioglio says. “Felt the vamp of Naples, didn’t it?” He answers Courses.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

The performance of the Aden alone With “Set Me Free”, in order to Israel. “Israel always succeeds in distinction, fast rhythm, and even a whistle tone, which seems to whistle at how high it is. Malgioglio says.

Then the evening continues with a performance Belgium. Sing Hofphonic Deceive the wrong place.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

immediately after, Manisha, from Russia, With “Russian Women.” She plays her in a dress her mother sewed, using ubiquitous pieces of fabric Russia. “It is close to the LGBT world. It would be nice if President Putin was more sensitive to freedom.” Then the comments Malgioglio.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021, the evening continues

Evening continues and leads to Malta fate Con ‘I break’.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

After them, Portugal, with Black mamba. Cantano “Love is on my side.” “She has a voice that remembers Anastasia. Then I love Portugal, I gave her a lot of music.” Malgioglio says.

Then they sing Tornado For Serbia, with “Loco loco”,

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After the show Malgioglio Mentionsed Courses Which – which “A surprise is coming. You will see. Meanwhile, let’s listen to a song I don’t like very much.”. It is about James Newman With “Embers”, in order to United kingdom. “The coolest thing about this song is the trumpet section. It leaves me indifferent.” Malgioglio says.

After that, Greece performs the song “The Last Dance”. Stefania. The girl has a crazy voice Malgioglio shouted.

The eleventh country to compete is Switzerland, with Jeon tears, Who sings “Tout l’univers” in French. “A difficult and exciting song, not a song to sing in the bathroom” Malgioglio answers.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

Gli Daði og Gagnamagnið Island Sing “10 years”. Unfortunately, They were not physically present at the event, Because one of them is positive for Covid. Is being broadcast One of the records made during the tests.

Sing to Spain Sing Plus With the phrase “I will stay.” “Spain is very advanced musically. But I wanted a stronger song.” Dice Malgioglio.

Offers continue

From Moldova Natalia Jordenko They were “sugar”. “She often played the actress Britney Spears. His final vocal range was void of any Calatura. Brava.” By the way he says Malgioglio.

Followed by Germany with a fun song: “I don’t feel hate” Gendrick. “I’d like to wear this handcrafted outfit, “Malgioglio comments. “The pop dance track is good, which will appeal to very young people.”

As for Finland, they sing me Blind channel With the “dark side.” Their song was repeatedly referred to as Direct competitor From our manskins.

Return to studies Fabrizio Frizzi from Rome. During the performances several messages of solidarity were received: Vasco Rossi, Francesco Ringa, Piero Bello And many other things.

So they sang for Bulgaria Victoria The “Maturity is getting old” con. “Almost sweet song from Disney” Comments Courses.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

Song The Roop From Lithuania it is called “Discoteque”.

“Can I dance at the table with the next song?” Jokes Malgioglio. It is about the song of Ukraine: Me Go_A They sing “sniff.”

Right after the France song: Barbara Braffy Lead with “Voilà”. Another song that reaches the finals, as part of the “Big Five” countries. Smells like a catwalk Corsi Countries. “Reminiscent of Ornella Vanone’s song” He answers Malgioglio.

The race continues: Maneskin’s performance

Less and less missing from gallery Manskin. Meanwhile, it goes Teacher With Mata Hari of Azerbaijan.

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

After that, he takes the stage Tex With “Fallen Angel” for Norway. “It reminds me a little, doesn’t it?” Malgioglio asks.

“A very, very powerful song especially at this moment” Corsi announces it Jango McCroy, singer from Netherlands with “A new era is born.”

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Finally, it was our turn ManskinWith the winning song Sanremo 2021: Shut Up and Good. “If that happens… I take off my clothes immediately“It claims Malgioglio. Rotterdam Square, H. Other singers in the competition also praised the performance.

There are only two songs left for conclusion. The penultimate is Voices Tosi from Sweden. From Sweden I flew something along the lines of ABA ”Malgioglio comment.

Finally the last piece of the European competition: from San Marino, I’m done Sing “adrenaline”. “I love the Arabic sounds. The piece was enhanced thanks to the rap part.” Announce Malgioglio.

The TV call is open

Hosts in Rotterdam are officially starting the television broadcast. A pre-recorded promotion is broadcast, which ultimately results in a live show from the famous Rotterdam Bridge Erasmusbrugge.

While they wait for the TV broadcast result, Maneskins continues with Italian Studies. “We are happy with the exhibition. We hope they vote for us. We are really happy that those who did not know us may now appreciate our music. “.

Surprisingly then Malgioglio calls Loredana Bertè on the phone. “You two are a wonderful Christian couple. I had a lot of fun, and the Maneskins shook. ” Bertie confirms. “I really like the performance of the Netherlands, the performance of Portugal. Even San Marino and the Azerbaijani run away. The Italians must remember that they cannot vote for Italy.”

Eurovision Song Contest Final 2021

Dozens of quality juries

While waiting for the TV to shut down and reveal the winner, it is aired Performing past winners at Eurovision; play Live from the original teams.

Finally, it leads Duncan Lawrence, Winner of 2019 with Passage. Mahmoud had to win. You made a lot of money from that song, but you didn’t even give me pizza. ” Shouted Malgioglio.

The televised dialogue ends. It is time to communicate the results. For evaluation, 50% off Voices from the audience, And 50% of the vote from The official jury.

Votes are reported from each country.

The 12 points from Israel go to Switzerland. From Poland, on the other hand, they go to San Marino. On the other hand, he moved to San Marino points France. Albania attributes the highest scores to Switzerland.

Voting continues, and Italy’s position fluctuates from fourth to fifth all the time. finally, At the end of the referral, Italy

Who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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