Calling over Wi-Fi, how does the new technology work (for calls from a landline)

    Calling over Wi-Fi, how does the new technology work (for calls from a landline)
    Connect over Wi-Fi, what it lets you do

    wifi callsalso referred to as Wifi Voice or Voice over Wifi, is a new technology that allows you to do this and Receiving mobile phone calls even when there is no phone signal depending on the fixed network. The service, already widespread in various countries abroad, arrives in Italy at the end of 2022. Connecting via Wi-Fi is very useful if there are points in the house that are not covered by the mobile network or if the signal is weak. Moving from mobile network to Wifi It is automatic and managed directly by the device: if the mobile phone signal is too weak to support an incoming or outgoing call, the call is redirected to the landline. has analyzed this new tool highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

    What are the advantages of this new technology

    When comparing landline and mobile phone deals, one of the major recommendations concerns Check network coverage. Despite the preventive checks to ensure that the telephone signal of the chosen operator reaches your home, it may happen that in some areas of the house the telephone does not pick up enough to make calls. It can happen if there are thick walls, for example, or in isolated rooms like a garage or basement. In such cases, Wifi Calling ensures that you can call and receive calls throughout the area covered by the Wifi signal. This technology allows you to make higher quality calls than alternative solutions such as VoIP calls or messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

    Wifi connect how it works

    To be able to use WiFi calling, all you need is one of the smartphones compatible with the service and have it Wi-Fi is available One of the operators offering their customers access to this technology (currently TIM and WindTre as well as the default operator Very Mobile, on the WindTre fixed network). When it becomes necessary to switch from the mobile network to the Wifi network, the process is automatically managed by the smartphone, without the need to download applications or software. technology Wi-Fi calling is supported by the latest generation of major smartphone models and the list of compatible devices is constantly growing. Among the brands that support the service are, for example, Honor, Oppo, Samsung and Xiaomi.

    Access to technology via Wi-Fi

    Access to Wifi Calling technology is free for all customers with a compatible device. Phone calls made using this new technology will then be charged according to the economic conditions of your tariff plan. In addition to being able to use the service for free on your home network, you can also use it on all your network operator’s fixed public and private networks that you have access to. WiFi calling has been used abroad for quite some time and various realities allow you to make calls using WiFi regardless of the operator providing the fixed network. The Italian operators who have activated the service, at least for the time being, allow you to use Wifi calls only if the calls are made with own fixed network.

    Wi-Fi communication technology

    WiFi Calling first appeared in Italy only a few months ago and at the moment There are three operators offering this possibility for its clients: TIM, WindTre, and Very Mobile (WindTre’s second brand). The conditions for accessing and using the service are similar for all operators and the main difference is the list of devices that support calls over WiFi. Another important difference relates to which customer segments can benefit from this technology: TIM currently only allows access to WiFi Calling to its consumer customers, while WindTre has enabled the service for both private and business customers.

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