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Bye Italy is leaving more and more

Bye Italy is leaving more and more

More and more Italians are deciding to live abroad: Immigration balances with foreign countries, especially from 2015, were negative on average at 69,000 units per year. He explains it in‘Istat in the report just published: In 2019 the total volume of deregistration operations For foreign countries, 180 thousand units, an increase of 14.4% over the previous year. Italian immigrants account for 68% of the total (122,020). If we take into account the number of repatriations (registrations from abroad for Italian citizens), which are equal to 68,207, calculate the balance of Italian immigration abroad (registrations minus cancellations) Returns a negative value of 53,813 units. The north is the division of residence from which the most consistent outflows of remittances depart from Italian citizens, both in absolute terms (59 thousand, which equates to 49% of expatriates) or in relation to the resident population (2.4 Italians per thousand residents). From the south they went abroad More than 43 thousand Italians (2.2 per thousand) while about 19 thousand Italians are expatriates from the center, with a migration rate (1.8 per thousand) less than the national average. In more regional detail, in absolute terms, the outflows of Italian citizens directed abroad mainly come from the first three. Major cities by demographic size: Milan (7 thousand), Rome (6 thousand) and Naples (5 thousand). In relative terms, compared to the Italian population residing in the provinces, the highest rates of immigration of Italians are in Bolzano (5 per thousand), Trieste and Imperia (both 4 per thousand), Vicenza (3.8 per thousand), Cosenza, Treviso, Agrigento and Isernia (3.6 per thousand); The lowest rates were recorded in the provinces of Prato and Florence (1 per thousand). In 2019, arrivals are flocking to UK records The record number of 31,000 (+ 49% compared to the previous year), surpassing the peak of 25,000 arrivals in 2016 (the year in which the Brexit settlement process began and concluded on January 31, 2020 with the withdrawal agreement). During the so-called transition period (jointly agreed upon by the member states and the United Kingdom and concluded on December 31, 2020), Many Italian citizens, It is possible that they are already in British soil but are not registered as habitual residents, they have formalized their status by transferring their residency to the United Kingdom. In general, the European Union countries have been confirmed Favorite destinations of Italian immigrants. In 2019, Germany ranked second in the ranking of European destination countries with less than 19,000 arrivals (+ 4% compared to 2018), and France (13,000) third, followed by Switzerland (10,000) and Spain (6,000). ). In the decade 2010-2019 these five countries welcomed In all, about 531,000 Italian immigrants. Among the non-European countries, the main destinations are Brazil, the United States, Australia and Canada (total of 16 thousand).

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