But first, there is Brazil

    But first, there is Brazil

    Italvolley from David Mazanti Search for world final. to reach it The Azzurri, European champions a year ago, must beat Brazil on a highly anticipated Thursday night semi-finals The 2022 World Cup is taking place in the Netherlands and Poland. The match, at this point, is also not easy because in the second stage it came specifically against South AmericaJust defeat the Azure Adventure.

    Italy, now Brazil: Beware the ghosts of the past

    Brazil will be Italy’s opponent in the semi-finals Women’s World Championship 2022. Blue will take the field on Thursday pm at 2o. Mazanti just came back from the quarter-final win over China 3-1. On the other hand, opponents managed to win Japan in the tiebreak Having recovered from 0-2 thanks to the coach’s tactical wisdom Roberto costumeHe has been confirmed as one of the greatest strategists in volleyball Globalism. Italy and Brazil have already faced each other in this tournament, or in the second stage in Rotterdam, when Brazil succeeded. to win 3-2 And the only defeat in the championship. The other previous season is final Volleyball Nations LeagueThe victory of the girls of Ankara Mazanti 3-0. The blue configuration must be accurate on the wall And in the reception and counting not only on Egonu’s attacks, but on choral performance. Brazilians will trust to Gabi TRUE driver Who is this team that put him in the match against Japan 25 points on the score sheet.

    Volleyball World Cup, Italy missed the title for 20 years

    In 2018, the blue color approached the world title and lost But the final against Serbia. Only in 2004 In Germany Italian women’s national team, then trained before Marco BonitaHe managed to achieve this feat by hitting the last chapter in the event United State. A success that remains unique for the time being. Certainly, as it was four years ago, not in a small detail, blue is among the fourOr the best in the world. Now only the last step is missing. Monica de GennaroSpeaking to La Repubblica, he clearly stated how the goal is gold: The dream does not cost.

    World women’s volleyball, Serbia has already entered the final with Super Boskovic

    In the meantime, there is already to wait for the winner of Italy and Brazil in the final Serbia. The world champions will by no means enjoy an extra day of rest, an aspect that should not be overlooked in such a tight tournament with so many matches taking place in a few days. In the first semi-final, the Balkans got rid of United State Olympic champions In his position, but it was not expressed in this World Cup at the levels of Tokyo. 3-1 partial final score 25-21, 25-20, 17-25, 25-22: the match under discussion only in the third set, but the unusual psychosomatic state Tijana Boskovic, with only 20 points in the first two sets, made the difference. In the final, the player Eczacibasi can face a great challenge Paula Igunowho is vying with the Serbian for the title of best versus in the world: the two will be contenders next season in the Turkish league after Paula’s move to VakifBank, where the suggestive challenge in the challenge will be that between the coach of Serbia Daniel Santarelli And the His wife is Monica de Gennarothe freedom owner of Italy.

    First, for Italy, there is the Brazil obstacle, as David Mazanti, who was also at the helm of Italy during the Tokyo Olympics, noted: “The feelings I feel are positive, we are all very happy to have arrived here, which is the goal we wanted – words of the technician from March On the eve of the semi-final – we know Brazil well, compared to the group that we will have to improve in the exchange of the ball, but there are many things that we already have to analyze. Di Z Roberto I appreciate the courage to take important decisions in crucial moments against Japan, after the 2-0 loss He was really good at changing the team and reversing the game with a whole new squad. His teams have a great ability to always stay in the game and play with great continuity.”

    Women's Volleyball World Cup: Italy and Brazil deserve the final against Serbia Source: Getty Images

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