Buick Electra GS aims to be a high-performance luxury electric vehicle

    Buick Electra GS

    Buick, like many other manufacturers, became all-electric. But that doesn’t mean the brand is abandoning its legacy of some high-performance models. To this end, CarBuzz discovered General Motors’ trademark deposits of “Electra GS” in Patent and Trademark Office From the United States, suggesting that a The high-performance electric car is in the works.

    We have known for some time that the name Electra will be revived. First, it was the concept of Electra Presented in 2020 Like an electric motor with 580 horsepower. CarBuzz then discovered a trademark registration with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office in December 2021 for the Electra name, leading to the hypothesis that a production version would arrive soon.

    Buick confirmed the news in June 2022 when the brand announced it The Electra will be his first electric car. Around the same time, the automaker also unveiled the Electra-X in China, a second electric concept that debuted in the company’s design language. Buick simultaneously revealed the Wildcat concept in America as another electric vehicle with the new logo.

    Buick Electra X

    Buick Electra GS: the latest rumors

    But while previous speculation suggested that the Electra would be a unique model, it appears the name will apply to a large number of electric vehicles. Commenting from Duncan Aldred, global vice president of Buick and GMC,Using the Electra name stringMore than one car of the same name is shown.

    We believe the Electra-X concept will generate a production crossover for China that could reach the US in time and possibly Europe as well, while the Electra GS license plate will be reserved for something sporty and hopefully something more. Either way, the Electra will act as an electric sub-brand for Buick, much to what Mercedes does which is to use the EQ brand for the same purpose.

    As for what can provide power for the Electra GS, The original concept’s 582 hp powertrain wouldn’t be a bad startbut with GM’s Ultium technology to take advantage of that, in theory there could be one Configuration with three electric motors up to 1000 hp. The original model featured a 0-100 km/h sprint of less than 4.5 seconds and a range of 600 km.

    Buick Regal GS

    The “Gran Sport” badge has held a special place in the hearts of Buick fans since it was first introduced in 1965 on the Skylark Gran Sport. At the time, Skylark gave the biggest engine GM could ever fit into a road car with 7.0 liter V8 generates 325 hp.

    Later uses were more common, including the Gran Sport 400 and the iconic GSX. Other uses have included Riviera GS, Wildcat GS, and Century GS. At present, no Buick models in the range bear the GS badge. The last to do so was to remove the Regal GS from production in 2020 as it was based on the European Opel Insignia and Opel was sold to the PSA Group, which is now part of Stellantis.

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