Britons live less, and the British government is considering delaying reform to raise the retirement age

    Britons live less, and the British government is considering delaying reform to raise the retirement age

    Life expectancy has already begun to decline among the poorest. In theory, the retirement age should rise from 66 to 68 but now, in light of new data on life expectancy, the government’s Conservatives are backtracking on the timing of the reform.

    In Britain they may have found another way to solve the pension problem. the worst. Something rare among Western countries, the life expectancy of the British, like that of the Americans, is no longer growing, but rather slowing to almost a halt or even declining. It is no longer a pandemic issue. In the 1950s, the United Kingdom had one of the longest life expectancies in the world, ranking 4th Seventh place globally Behind countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Now, according to updated data published on Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. The UK is in 29th place. Somewhat exacerbating, the researchers said, due to the increase in inequality of income, which increased significantly in the UK during and after the 1980s. If the mean attribution remains growth, albeit almost zero, in the poorest segments of the population, then the indicators of longevity It is now starting to decline.

    The fact is that, in the light of these data, the British government is assessing the possibility of slowing down the implementation of the pension reform, which provides for an extension of the working life. current retirement age 66 years old and must increase In 68 years after the year 2044. But the intention of the Conservative government led by Rishi Sunak will be the one to provide the raise for a period of two years to 2037-2039. The final decision will be made in May but the executive’s preliminary decision is now faltering. Since the reform was announced, life expectancy has not increased as expected, which has also reduced expectations of the impact on public accounts. Many Conservative MPs are therefore urging the prime minister to slow down on the timing of the reform, also in light of the discontent it might create among voters, Learn France.

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