Britain’s exit from the European Union: French fishermen will close the Channel Tunnel

    Britain's exit from the European Union: French fishermen will close the Channel Tunnel

    Speaking of Brexit: French fishermen have decided to close the Channel Tunnel to protest against fishing licenses.

    back to talk about it Britain’s exit from the European Union because I French fishermen They decided to protest against the issuance of fishing licenses Channel tunnel blocking. The fact is that the UK did not give them more hunting licenses and that the French fishermen were offended by this attitude on the part of Britain.

    Members of the French Fishermen’s Association joining the protest made it clear that they would use a kit Tunnel closing vehicles Under the English Channel connecting the United Kingdom and France, it also paralyzes the port of Calais.

    For some time now, London and Paris have been arguing over how many fishing licenses The UK granted French boats permission to fish in British waters after Brexit.

    At one time the tones were also very hot, with the intervention of the Navy and the English fishing boat captured by France. Already in April were the French fishermen undercover trucks who were transporting English fish to processing centers in France.


    According to the French, their fishermen were entitled to more licenses. But the UK is still deafening and pretending to be respected Post-Brexit Agreements from the European Union.

    French Gerard RomettiRegarding the protest, the head of the National Maritime Fishing Committee explained that this is evidence of the ability of their professional fishermen to mobilize “In response to the UK’s provocative, contemptuous and humiliating attitude towards them”.

    For its part, a Downing Street spokesman said the British government is doing this ‘Disappointed by threats of protest activities’. Then he went on to say that it was up to the French to ensure that there was no illegal act and that Business Don’t get hurt by it.

    also Dover spokesperson They stressed that they are aware of the possibility of “Limited break in France”, but reassured him that the port on their side would be open for normal activities. They also made plans to deal with any temporary disruptions to services across the canal.

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