Boycott “Ecologist”: what happened in Roland Garros


    The individual invasion of the field and its consequences rest time From the match between Ruud and Cilic, the semi-finals of the 2022 Roland Garros which then saw the Norwegian tennis player win as he will challenge Rafa Nadal to win the coveted title. In the third set, in fact, the match was interrupted due to the unauthorized entry into the field of play from Alizee, 22, a climate-change activist, who knelt by the pole of the net to show the white shirt she was wearing.

    What is the message

    As you can see in the photo we posted, the inscription on the T-shirt reads “We have 1,028 days left”, “We have 1,028 days left”. The Dernière Rénovation association claimed responsibility for the protest and claimed that Alizée had entered the square “To draw attention to the climate emergencyIn a statement issued on Thursday, website From the group, Alizé claimed to have suspended the match in front of Stade Philippe Chatrier because of “It can no longer run risk Do nothing in the face of the climate emergencyThe 22-year-old added:It’s time to face reality, the world in which politicians send us is a world where Roland Garros cannot existShortly thereafter, the security men took the girl and the game resumed regularly.

    Significance of 1028 days

    But why this number 1028? The reason is that this countdown began on March 28, 2022 when the ultimatum sent by the last update of the French government expired and was also the date when some citizens decided to engage in civil resistance. In France, they see the black situation despite the numerous treaties signed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but many activists, like the little girl, believe that time is now up. “You have to go very fast. I’m sure what we do in the next three or four years will determine future of the human raceSir David King, a former scientific advisor to the UK government said: Sportskeeda.

    ‘horrific scenes’

    Eurosport commentator and former tennis player, Tim HenmanHe described the incident as disturbing. “No, really horrific scenes, she jumped on the field and sat next to the net and it seemed she got attached to the net and had something written on her shirt too and tied something around her neckHe stated live Eurosport TV.

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