Boxing, Denis Contreras, opponent of Michael Magnesi for the IBO Superfeather World Championship – OA Sport

    Boxing, Denis Contreras, opponent of Michael Magnesi for the IBO Superfeather World Championship - OA Sport

    Michael “Lone Wolf” Magnesi He returns to defend the IBO super featherweight title in Italy. He would do it in Civitavecchia, against a high-caliber opponent, the Mexican Dennis Contreras. The 29-year-old boxer from Guadalajara has a record of 24 wins including 22 knockouts, 11 losses including two wins by knockout and one draw.

    After turning professional in 2010, he always fought in the early years between his city and Tepic, with some episodes also in Puebla. The first defeated opponent was his compatriot Diego Martinez for TKO. After two years and 15 successes in a row, the first defeat: inflicted on him and, oddly enough, Jose Gonzalez Ayala. Then another comes against someone who would have been a very good boxer in those parts, Rodolfo Hernandez Montoyaany of the TKO hurts.

    His career continues with three victories, but at some point, it looks like it will become the career of the eternal loser. From 2014 to 2018, in fact, he became a victim of eight out of ten boxers: it just beats Alejandro Palmiro Hernandez (who is currently suspended until the end of April this year) by KO on September 3, 2016, while he tied with Eliseo Velez on March 10, 2018.

    Boxing, Roberto Camarelle has no doubts: “Michael Magnesi is the greatest Italian talent at the moment”

    Suddenly he was able to find the doors of the United States. Hence it is reborn. Soon he found a place among the lightweight, managing to win the WBA class title for Federcentro. Four comparisons in this sense: He won the belt against the Colombian Belmar Prechadeau On August 28, 2020, at the same time as the resumption of boxing activity after the closure, and then keep it against his compatriot Villa Carlos FloresCuban (resident of Miami) Heron Sukaras and another Mexican, Cesar Juarez.

    In many of these battles, especially modern ones, several things are noted about Contreras. First of all, he is a particularly aggressive boxer, inclined to pursue attack unconditionally. The disadvantage is that it is not exactly the fastest on the planet, which, along with some technical flaws, gives way to possible attacks by opponents. The advantage is that as the fight progresses, “Martillo” becomes more dangerous, and he can find KO with very little, in fact with none. In short, the typical exponent of the Mexican school.

    So, for Magnesi, a more willing opponent, no doubt, than that Khaneli Polana Which didn’t even last 50 seconds when he won the world title. Of course, Contreras is an underdog, but at least in boxing this time we have to see him. And by boxing we mean something that lasts more than the blink of an eye.

    Photo: LiveMedia/Marco D’Alò

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