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Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to remember the passcode for his old iPhone, and that’s a problem

Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to remember the passcode for his old iPhone, and that’s a problem

The WhatsApp messages it contains are for investigations into the handling of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK

On June 1, the UK government was to hand over to the inquiry into Britain’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak all WhatsApp messages written or received by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson between January 2020 and February 2022. The government has refused to do so. by doing so, arguing that he was going to exchange “totally irrelevant” information, but according to Article from times Released today there would be another reason: Johnson forgot the iPhone unlock code he was using at the time and that is why the phone is now unavailable.

This isn’t the first time newspapers have covered Johnson’s phone: in April 2021, the rumor newsletter appeared popbeach He discovered and revealed that the then Prime Minister’s personal phone number had been available on the Internet for 15 years, in a 2006 press release that was uploaded to the Internet. Precisely for this reason, Johnson changed phones. The old one was turned off and put aside. Now his lawyers maintain that, but since the former prime minister is not “100% sure” that he remembers the phone’s unlock code, he cannot bring the requested information to the inquiry committee.

According to the times (A Johnson spokesperson who spoke with him did not deny the report Politician) There is a risk that entering an incorrect unlock code on the phone will automatically erase part of its contents because the security systems that are set on the phone They are more solid than those on regular iPhones. Johnson has asked government cybersecurity experts to help him access the smartphone’s contents, while government officials search for any records of the code held by the Prime Minister’s Office. His spokesman confirmed that the former prime minister wanted to cooperate with the investigation.

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The government had previously appealed the committee’s request, but it was unsuccessful and, according to a court decision, should have delivered Johnson’s WhatsApp messages by July 10.

The Commission of Inquiry into the Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic was set up by Johnson himself in May 2021. His government has come under fire for the number of people who have died from COVID-19, which was the highest in Europe, which is why, after hesitating for some time, Johnson asked for a measure investigation into the matter.

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