Home Economy Bonus porch if it serves as a rain cover: information and explanations

Bonus porch if it serves as a rain cover: information and explanations

Bonus porch if it serves as a rain cover: information and explanations

Veranda installation is not only and always an aesthetic choice. Sometimes it can start out of need. In this case falls into some bonus for Deduct part of expenses? This is the question our reader asks us that we try to answer even for those who find themselves in a similar situation.


I live in Sesto Fiorentino at 350 meters above sea level in a cold place, and I had to install a wooden and bamboo veranda on the northern kitchen balcony that regularly rains … can I ask for some rest?

Among the applicable home bonuses, is there a bonus that states this particular case? We have taken care of her long ago, Excluding blinds and pergolas is a household bonus. But legislation has evolved and clarifications have emerged regarding revenues that were open to some margin.

What is a balcony: materials and building permits

A veranda can be defined as a pergola with a closed perimeter structure (columns and / or columns that support the steepest part. The roof and perimeter must be made of certain materials to prevent the veranda from being considered an extension of the volume. Walls Sliding, tilted windows and watertight nets are not allowed. “

Before finding out if the rewards are due for building a veranda, let’s make a small note about the permits.

The balcony reward: What is the discount due

Although inserted in an open space (balcony / terrace), the veranda does not grant the right to green reward because it does not fall within the specified cases. There are much fewer requirements for requesting a facade reward (which relates to rotation but not removable structures on balconies). It can form a solar shield (and as such it falls within the environmental reward) but only if certain requirements are met. At the structural level, a balcony discount can be requested in the following cases:
  • Insist on the wall,
  • It has a large window
  • It faces south, east or south / east.
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In other words, these requirements demonstrate energy savings.

The amount due in the discount covers 50% of the total expenses (includes 22% VAT) up to a maximum of 230.00 euros per square meter, and can be recovered in 10 equal installments over ten years.

We have seen that the veranda has nothing to do with the green reward or the facade reward. The Revenue Agency has also clarified that converting a balcony into a veranda is an intervention that can be considered a renovation work:

– If innovations were made in relation to the pre-intervention case;
– In case New building with the demolition of the wall Surrender on balcony resulting in increased total floor area;
– In case Transforming the balcony into the veranda.

However, in the same guide, the agency explicitly excludes interventions that involve an increase in the size of the building, as happens with the veranda that actually creates a new living space. Hence the explanatory doubts: is the balcony eligible for the renewal bonus, or not?

Dismantling and replacing a new veranda or pergola: could it be part of the 110’s towing business?

In light of what has been said, one also wonders whether a veranda builder can be awarded the right to reward 110. It is definitely not a driving job. However

The legislation also recognizes other energy-enhancing interventions depending on motivation. Among these we find more specifically:

  • Pergolas, solar screens and other interventions already allowed by Ecobonus at 50%;
  • Installation of solar panels and energy accumulators;
  • Establishment of charging stations for electric cars.
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In fact, all of these interventions contribute to the energy efficiency of the building, support the improvement driven by the leadership interventions, and thus become or can also become the subject of a reward with a 110% discount.

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