Bologna: ADM has inaugurated the new headquarters of the department

    Bologna: ADM has inaugurated the new headquarters of the department

    The new headquarters of the Customs and Monopolies Agency – Regional Directorate for Emilia-Romagna and Marche was inaugurated in Bologna on Thursday 30 March 2023.
    During the opening ceremony, in the presence of family members, the Regional Director wanted to honor the memory of a colleague at the SOT Interporto of the Bologna Customs Office, who disappeared during the COVID-19 pandemic, naming the headquarters meeting room after her.
    The brief memorial intervention provided a reminder of his human and professional qualities, as well as the opportunity to celebrate the sentiment of those who ensured the continuity of public services provided by the Agency in the most critical phase of the pandemic emergency.
    The ribbon cutting for the inauguration of the new office took place in the presence of Franco Literari,
    Regional Director, Regional and Local Office Managers, plus senior representation of colleagues.
    The new headquarters, arranged on one floor, thanks to the rational use of roofs, will favor a
    Better office layout and functionality and a higher degree of organizational well-being for employees. The location in the city center not far from our previous headquarters will allow us to continue to meet the needs of those who use our management services

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