BMW iX Flow, just one click to change body color

    BMW iX Flow, just one click to change body color

    Is it possible to change the color of the car body with a simple button? BMW make it possible on BMW iX Flow Concept It was developed in collaboration with E Ink and shown at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. We mentioned it yesterday when a video was leaked showing this particular novelty. The manufacturer then explained how this technology works as well as listing many other news that we will see in the future on its cars. But let’s go in order.

    Change the color you want

    If you are not sure what color to buy for your car, BMW has come up with a really interesting solution. At CES, the manufacturer unveiled the BMW iX Flow, which features technology that allows you to change the color of the bodywork in seconds By pressing a simple button.

    However, we should not expect to find this innovative solution available in production cars in a short time. It’s a research project at the moment, but in the future it’s not certain that we won’t really have the ability to change body color with a single click. The German brand explains that a color change is possible thanks to a coating developed specifically for the bodywork.

    through an electric pulseElectrophoresis technology brings pigments of different colors to the surface, making the object take on the desired color. This solution, specifically, is based on technology Developed by E Ink, is the only display found on the screens of very common e-readers. The SUV’s casing contains millions of microcapsules, about the diameter of a human hair, containing negatively charged white and positively charged black pigments.

    By stimulation by means of an electric field, it is possible to form white or black pigments on the surface of the small capsule, giving the body the desired shade.

    To achieve this effect on the chassis requires the application of several precision-fitted ePaper chips. Generative design processes are implemented to ensure that all parts of the body reflect the distinctive features of the vehicle and the resulting differences in light and shade. Generative design algorithms allow the flexibility and flexibility needed to adapt e-paper to vehicle design lines. Laser cutting techniques ensure high precision in the creation of each section. After applying the different parts and connecting the power source to stimulate the electric field, the body is heated and sealed to ensure perfect and uniform color reproduction during each change.

    So BMW takes the concept of personalization to the extreme. Of course, no one has explained how resistant this particular coating is to time and bad weather. However, such technology It opens up interesting prospects for the future. All that remains is to be patient and wait for further developments.

    BMW takes the cinema in the car

    At CES 2022, BMW introduced digital art to the cabin of its cars. construction feet Also put digital art Who will reach their cars and that It is part of My Modes which is described as “Unique moments enhance the BMW driving experience by creating a synergy between the vehicle’s functions and interior designIn other words, depending on the driving situation and mood, it is possible, via a button, to change the steering control, steering, lighting and mood sound, as well as the combination of colors and graphics in the BMW Curved Display.

    The Digital Art Mode will arrive on the BMW iX M60 and then in 2022 also on other models of the German manufacturer. For some select models, Digital Art Mode will be available as an optional custom feature, configured directly at the factory, while for others it can be modified via remote software updates built into the user interface. The images to be reproduced by BMW Curved Screen were created thanks to a collaboration with a Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei.

    Thus, My Modes allow you to customize the onboard experience. At CES 2022, the German brand showcased another particularly exclusive version of My Modes along with a new in-car entertainment system for future BMW models. This is My Mode Theater who – which Turns the back of the cabin into a cinema Private, with surround sound and 5G connectivity thanks to BMW theater screen, widescreen in 32: 9 format.

    Thanks to this novelty, rear-seat passengers will have access to a personalized entertainment program available on 31-inch ultra-wide screen with up to 8K resolution. Thanks to the zoom function, the broadcast software can be reproduced in 16: 9, 21: 9 or even 32: 9 format.

    To help provide the best possible entertainment experience, Amazon Fire TV support Which will let you enjoy a wide range of content from the most popular apps, so you can stream movies and TV episodes, listen to music and watch downloaded shows, all on the go. BMW announces that a specific streaming offering will be proposed for Chinese customers.

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