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Blurred vision and dark spots after the age of 50 can indicate this risk

Blurred vision and dark spots after the age of 50 can indicate this risk

In fact, our consultants have repeatedly described how our organism changes with age, in addition to changing our habits. That is why it is necessary to continue to train the body and mind to strengthen them and ward off sicknesses and ailments, as is recommended in this. Article – Commodity. In fact, from the age of 40/50, we can see little dots or strands floating before our eyes. These are called flying flies, and they are in particular floaters and are especially visible when we look at a uniform white background.

It is a physiological phenomenon caused by the aging of the vitreous body. Seeing these points or flying flies especially after the age of forty does not indicate pathology, being an expression of the physiological process of aging of the vitreous. If this phenomenon occurs from time to time, then there is no need to worry. Conversely, blurred vision and black spots after the age of 50 can indicate this risk if it occurs frequently. Today, ProiezionidiBorsa consultants explain what the phenomenon of flying flies consists of and what to do in serious hypotheses.


Blurry vision and temporary dark spots after the age of 50 can indicate this risk

The whitefly phenomenon occurs when the vitreous begins to age. Or rather, the collagen that makes up it begins to lose homogeneity, thickening in small gelatinous accumulations. The whitefly is its bump on the retina. So this phenomenon is not alarming, because it is not a symptom of any disease, but simply an expression of the passing of years also on the visual system. But if this phenomenon appears suddenly and in an intense way, in the context of blurred vision, it is necessary to immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

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In fact, in such cases, it can also be a file Retinal detachment or inflammation, or even maculopathy or an infection in progress. It is therefore essential to contact our trusted ophthalmologist who will examine the situation and possibly prescribe treatment. As we age, it is a good idea to have an eye exam once a year to check for any diseases that may affect the visual system. Meanwhile, follow a well-balanced diet by including foods in your diet that are also good for our eyes. Actually it was Find out when to eat chocolate to have amazing effects on vision and prevent cataracts.

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