Blue ticks arrive in Gmail. How does the new system work to avoid online scams

    Blue ticks arrive in Gmail.  How does the new system work to avoid online scams

    Blue checks are coming to Gmail. This is not a subscription like the one Elon Musk wanted for Twitter but the more classic verification certificate. in purpose On its blog, Mountain View explains that the system is intended to help users distinguish an authentic email from a fraudulent one. Translated: Fewer messages that pretend to be from telephone operators, banks and websites that users subscribe to but actually contain viruses or scam attempts that must succeed in their purpose of stealing data or causing economic harm. By the end of this week, the tags should be active for all mailboxes.

    GOOGLE UPDATES / WORKSPACE | Image showing how the new check mark works

    How it works

    The feature has already been launched and is active on more and more accounts. Google was the first company to receive the check, but other big brands like Amazon and Ebay have also verified her identity. And it’s not just the phone number and document that’s usually required when online services offer verification to private users. In this case, with the setting of the system Brand indicators to define the message (Bimi), the company’s logo is also uniquely associated with the sender: one of the easiest parts of a message to identify and fake. When you hover over the image, this message will appear: “The sender of this email has verified that he is the owner of the domain XXXXXX and the logo in the profile photo.”

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