Bloomberg’s Jason Schreyer confirms the leaks are true, “It’s a Rockstar Games nightmare” –

    Bloomberg's Jason Schreyer confirms the leaks are true,

    Today’s topic is only one: GTA 6. Rockstar Games’ next adventure was at the center of a massive leak. But as always, how do you know if a leak is credible? Sure, the developers won’t confirm it, but fortunately insiders are always thinking about it Jason Schreyer By Bloomberg, who stated that The leaks are correct And all this for Rockstar Games is a nightmare.

    The Jason Schreyer’s statement Shared via Twitter, a Bloomberg reporter wrote, “Not much doubt, but I’ve received confirmation from some Rockstar sources that this weekend’s massive GTA 6 leak is indeed true.”

    He continues: “The videos are from the early stages of development and of course they show incomplete content One of the biggest leaks in history Video Games and a Nightmare for Rockstar Games”.

    From the point of view rock games The situation is dangerous for many reasons. First of all, it highlights a flaw in the company’s security system, in which a person was able to access content that should have been kept secret. Moreover, it seems that the hacker also got the GTA 6 code and not just the videos.

    Added to all this is the fact that the game has never been shown before, and in the field of video games, the First Offers Essential to give buyers an accurate impression of the game. GTA 6 is also still a long way off, so Rockstar Games had long-term plans to create “hype” around the video game: users see such content now as a problem for the company.

    We’ll see if rock games He will decide whether to release an official statement regarding these GTA 6 leaks or whether he prefers to ignore them and wait for things to calm down.

    Finally, we leave you with our news that includes all 90 video leaks of GTA 6.

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