Home Tech Bloodborne PSX is a great PS1-style version of Nerd4.life

Bloodborne PSX is a great PS1-style version of Nerd4.life

Bloodborne PSX is a great PS1-style version of Nerd4.life

Bloodborne PSXAs the name suggests, it is a project that shows what a celebrity can look like Game software on the PS1Or, at least, these are the intentions of Lilith Walther, the author of this interesting book demake.

With the advancement of technology, the magic of past graphics is reappearing and after we witnessed the return of the power of bitmaps in the 1980s and 1990s in various sauces, it was time The first 3D in the 1990s, As evidenced by the volume of projects inspired by this that have emerged in the indie and modder field in recent years.

So Bloodborne PSX aims to explore a possible version of the Bloodborne su PS1Or, at least on similar technology to the first Sony consoles, built with the Unreal Engine. So it’s not a game that’s actually developed on the respective devices, but rather a bit Re-enactment From those times.

As we can see who Play the video As shown in the tweet below, the scenarios are still at a very embryonic level and practically absent, if not for some detail, but the protagonist is well built and really animated, as well as a rudimentary combat system that looks interesting anyway.

So we will follow the evolution of the project that seems to be a nice homage to the famous title resembling spirits by From Software, pending the possibility of Bloodborne 2 that there is still no trace of it in its official form.

However, this isn’t the first Bloodborne takedown we’ve seen recently, considering the in-depth analysis we posted on Yarntown, in this case in a 2D RPG style. By staying in the PS1 arena and the like, we also remember canceling the making of The Last of Us 2 made with Dreams.

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