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Bloodborne PSX, demake is now playing full introduction – Nerd4.life

Bloodborne PSX is a great PS1-style version of Nerd4.life

PSX Bloodborne, this is exactly project “demake” From the popular PS4 RPG turned into a PS1 game, continues to develop and now has a file full introduction, visible in the recently posted new video.

Bloodborne PSX has been a project that’s been going on for some time and we actually saw a part of it last March with Cleric Beast, but in this case Play It is much richer and longer, and it shows different aspects of the game from the character editor to the whole initial part.

The contents of the opening stage of Bloodborne are faithfully reproduced, but it is clear that they were filtered by the game’s own vision of the first PlayStation as Graphics, so, with very thin polygonal models, coarse textures, very low resolution and somewhat changeable 3D consistency, but the effect is really great.

What developer Lilith Walther, who has been involved with this hobbyist project since 2017, does well is the fact of conveying the typical atmosphere of Bloodborne in this particular technological context, while preserving many aspects of the original in a faithful way while distorting its appearance.

It is, however, a demake in all respects and not a project actually developed on PS1 hardware: Bloodborne PSX, despite the name, does not run on the old Sony console but is developed on Unreal Engine And if it is fully released, it will likely only work on PC.

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