Blame it on Shun Daichi’s rules

    Blame it on Shun Daichi’s rules

    Everton’s training center is overrun by a blizzard, but the players enter the field without hats: it’s a rule enforced by Dyche.

    Training centereverton overwhelmed Larisa stormy That brought hail and snow across the UK, however Sean Ditchey He remained true to his strict rules: no player was allowed to wear a wool hat to protect himself.

    The images show the Toffees determined to train in the midst of a blizzard, like most Premier League clubs who have been forced to live through poor weather conditions in recent days.

    Unlike others, Everton players took to the pitch without wool hats or neck warmers to protect themselves from the cold. The reason for this choice can be found in the strict rules that Dyche dictates from the day he arrives.

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    In fact, the coach revealed that he forbids his players to wear any items of clothing that are not permitted even during matches: thus scarves and hats are strictly forbidden, even when it snows.

    The only exceptions are the gloves worn by some players (they are also allowed during competitions) and the long shorts that Dominic Calvert-Lewin And James Tarkovsky They were allowed to wear classic shorts instead.

    “You practice as you play. How can you practice as you play if you’re wearing 14 neck warmers and 15 hats and leggings?”Upon his arrival, Dyche commented about the strict rules that had to be respected at the sports centre.

    Even the extraordinary snowstorm did not allow Everton players a small exception to the rule in a situation more unique than rare in the entire Premier League.

    However, Dyche can build on his reputation as a great daredevil in similar circumstances: in 2021, when he’s at the helm burnleyHowever, the game was postponed due to snow that made the pitch impassable that afternoon.

    On his usual lawn inspection, the coach appeared with his sleeves up in the middle of the blizzard, taking no notice of the snow around him. Indeed, while the rest of his staff risked being frozen, a smile appeared on his face, like a real iceman.

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