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Blacksmith in the world of television

Blacksmith in the world of television

Rome – “Enrico Valle was the most intelligent and intelligent person in the world. He is gone and we are all much poorer. An unlimited embrace for Monica and the whole family.” So on Twitter TV author Fabio de Eurio presented the news of Enrico Valle’s death, One of the greatest Italian radio and television authors Valle was 85 years old, and today he passed away at the Gemelli infirmary. A great mourning for the world of radio and television in which author Umbrian distinguished himself in a career that lasted sixty years. “I had the best laughs of my life with him. He was someone with exceptional irony, from whom I learned a lot.” He said Fabio Fazio, during “Che tempo che fa”, learns live news of the death of Enrico Faime. “I remember an extraordinary joke about him – he added – I am also the one who does not remember jokes or jokes. Speaking of another person, he said, “He was so conservative, that when they said it was three or four, or four” it was him. “

Enrico Faime passed away

Valle was born in Perugia on January 19, 1936, from 1960 to Ray where he entered as a contest winner, he has signed around 200 TV shows, including the varieties Quelli della Domenica (1968), Canzonissima ’68 and ’69, Fantastico ’88 and with Maurizio Costanzo , Memories of black and white (Ray Ono); le fiction, son in the half, Italian restaurant, my son is 70 years old. With Costanzo’s most recent experience on TV, he’s gone by night, from 2012 to 2016. Among his musical comedies: Felicibumta, even bankers have a soul, life begins every morning and many other acts. On the radio, he has collaborated on hundreds of programs and over decades has hosted Black Out, on Radio2 on Saturdays and Sundays. He’s published several books, including Loving Means, Everyone Can Get Rich But the Poor, The Master Pants, Lose Your Mind, Don’t Depend On Me, Black Out, When the Rocket Were Out, The Fools Are Not From Time And Even At The Expense Of Lying, The Good – Almost autobiographical.

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